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Wellness Wednesday=Seizures & OCD

Quick Update on Another Mayo Result Yesterday

Make sure to go back and read the previous blog to get updated on my Mayo visit, for this to make sense. I received notification yesterday that my GAD65 Auto-immune levels in my blood is off the charts. To give you prespective, a normal range is <=0.02, and I am currently at 800. Back in March 2016, I was at 250 when they prescribed auto-immune infusions and also the RNS implant 2017/2019. Come 2020 I was down to 20.8 which was "normal" for me. My Dr. is going to discuss if I need to have a lumbar puncture(These are NOT fun) to see immunotherapy needs done again, if active inflammation. This could be why my seizure activity has been more debilitating.

Is there Anything You Can Do To Help OCD Linked Seizures?

As I spoke about my Mayo visit in previous blog, I explained to the doctor how my husband noticed my behavior was not "me". I have always been an upbeat, positive energetic individual. Now I am still that for others, but I have become more negative about myself and not even remembering things I say or do.

Now don't get me wrong, I have always been a task list person based on my previous jobs and keeping up with all the boys sports and activities. This is NOT an OCD as some might think, or even wanting to make sure the house is cleaned a certain way. It isn't something that changed my personality or lifestyle and OCD does do this.

While many forms of epilepsy carry an increased risk of OCD, temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) appears to have the strongest link. In TLE an individual has a 10-20% chance to develop OCD, where as the person without seizures it is roughly 2%. To our shock due it being caused by my TLE, developing over many years I truly have no control of me not having OCD which can cause extra anxiety. My only hope is lessoning the TLE seizures, or doing some of what the doctor discussed.

How Can I Help Reduce My OCD To Have A Better Daily Life

My doctor explained that is most likely depending on my TLE control that my OCD will get worse, and it will never go away and he did give some suggestions to help live the best I can living with seizures and OCD daily.

First he still wants me to try and get into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)which will also help my PNES seizures. I have been trying to get into this for about 3 months now. I never knew these therapists are such a high demand. Waiting lists until January!

Practice good self-care strategies that will help me cope with daily stress. Stress in turns causes sleep disturbances linked to more severe OCD symptoms. In addition to sleep, regular physical exercise and a healthy diet are lifestyle choices you can make that will make it easier to manage the stress and worries that life throws at you.

He jokingly said, well I know you already practice these self care strategies above, and you can't control your sleep disruption due to nocturnal seizures, so I guess I have work to do as well to help you.(You have to laugh, after all we have been through together. Plus laughter is always the best medicine)

Try relaxation techniques. Add some effective tools such as meditation, deep breathing, visualization, and progressive muscle relaxation to your relaxation rituals. EX. Yoga, Mindfulness.

Finding a Hobby and or journaling, blogging for therapy.

When I become fixated on a certain topic, have my family help me notice it. This is truly one thing I do not notice at all, and I did not know it was a sign of having OCD. Than take note in my epilepsy log and he can see if my RNS possibly said I was having a seizure.

Find support. Social support is important for mental well-being. I would prefer in person but as you all know I can't drive, and so it might have to be online and blogging and Twitter epilepsy community has helped.

Take a vacation or special time with your family....I am all for this one!

Get out of the house.....Well if the Florida Storms would stop triggering my seizures I could get back to my walks with my husband at night and my boys during the day.

Don't miss out on Friday's Blog to meet Diana DeVaul who does some of the very above techniques teaching others via her blog and SM.

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Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Jul 14, 2023

I had a DM & thought I would share because OCD can be so many things. All know I used to be in the fitness/athletic field. Our family has also been very active. When my seizures got worse, I can’t do as much but also needed my own motivation since home by myself. Exercise is both good for your body and mental health. I had to delete an AP off my phone.I became so obsessed w/closing all my rings that if I didn’t close them I felt like a failure that day. In my mind not a good example for my boys. Yet I knew my body needed rest, not close rings.

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