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Brain Games=Increase Cognitive & Decrease Brain Fog

Some Things I do Daily To Improve Brain Function

Depending on what type of epilepsy an individual has, it can affect various areas of the brain. Due to this it is important to work those areas to keep them active. The electrical glitches in my brain waves during a seizure, cause adverse effects to that area, and at times my memory and my cognitive skills are greatly effected. You can go back and read Monday's blog about brain fog to learn more detail.

I have spoken before about my daily meditation, exercise, listening to music but today I am focusing on brain games. In fact even by writing this blog, I am stimulating my brain and working on my cognitive skills.

When our boys were younger and still in high school we would have a daily challenge of who could get the daily NY Times WORDLE done in the least amount of tries. If you know us, we are all very competitive, and of course I have to prove myself even more in my mind. Whomever won got to tell the others something they had to do that day. Now Brent and I do it every morning first thing when we get up, and when I can't get it at all I become very frustrated with myself. Once again my husband reminds me it is the process for me and not always about "winning". HaHa he is making me eat my own words which I say to our boys in their life goals. Due to my need and love/hate relationship with the game WORDLE they all bought me a t-shirt based on the game.

Some other daily games I do as aps on my phone called People Fun. One is Word Search and I am on level 1500, that should tell you I have being doing it for a while now. Back in the good old days, we had you know books that we physically search and circle them:) Another one is WordScapes, where you have letters and have to connect them to make words. Word Connect where you are given words with letters missing but are timed and gain coins when you beat the clock. Classic Words is like a scrabble game but an ap on your phone. Just are a few examples and I try to mix those up to work my brain different ways.

Another thing I gained a love for doing was building legos due to our oldest having a gift of putting any level of them together since a young age and still loves it to this day. My husband and I bought some to do when he left that were all NASA/Space related to decorate his bedroom with. Needless to say I was frustrated at times when I got so far and then of course I hit something wrong or my right hand started tremors and it fell apart. Again this helps my brain working but at the same time, it is frustrating to no end. It was all worth it as he loved his newly decorated NASA bedroom.

When he came home he bought me a Grogu Lego and I LOVE that little dude:) It was just the two of us home and bless him because he knew I was getting frustrated and I know he just wanted to say mom please just let me finish this. Later at night my brain and body does just not work as well. Happy to say Grogu is together and stands on my Plant shelf.

These are some examples I do, so what are some things you do? Would love to hear and we can all help each other.


I would love to share your names or stories, but due to the online TROLLS I will not. I would love to share your story or your books, blogs etc. but only if you reach out and want to be shared. Check out this Friday as I will be sharing an online Epilepsy Advocate.

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Jun 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love all your suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

I enjoy Wonder Word puzzles. I stumbled upon them to keep my mind distracted & help me overcome my fear of flying. I’ve flown to Africa twice since then so they, along with other coping techniques, have worked! I like that they are challenging but not frustrating. I am going to send you a book of them right now. I hope you enjoy💜!

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Jun 22, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for sharing that book and how it help you enjoy a trip of a lifetime! Can’t wait to receive it. Blessed 💜

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