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Why not paint your Pumpkin PURPLE? Happy Halloween!!

Purple Pumpkin Project by the Epilepsy Foundation

The story all began when a dad was driving through Connectitcut, and they stopped at a local pumpkin patch. He thought since kids would be decorating pumpkins why not make his purple, and have people ask why did you make your pumpkin purple and begin the conversation of #Epilepsy.

His son was diagnosed with #Epilepsy in 2009 at age 4, and he was trying to brainstorm ideas on how to bring awareness to others what #Epilepsy was. On the outside his son looked normal and people didn't understand why at times his son was having academic, physical and social issues in school and with other kids playing or at times couldn't particpate or miss things. It also impacted relationships within and outside the family by the fear of #Epilepsy.

So on September 2, 2012 this dad created the Purple Pumpkin Project Facebook Page. According to the Epilepsy Foundation within 2 days the page had likes from all 50 states; it reached more than 500 likes within 3 days. Ten days later, the page surpassed 1,000 likes an people posted their pictures of their purple pumpkins and sharing their #Epilepsy story, or just saying we want to support your family.

This was only the start of an amzing journey all over the United states now! People can create their own #PurplePumpkinProjects and also raise funds for #Epilepsy and #EpilepsyAwareness.

Examples: (These are just a few)

Dropping off #PurplePumpkins at businesses to have them display them and have people ask why, and they give handouts explain #Epilepsy

Creating their own #PurplePumpkinProject FB pages, to raise funds/awareness

Having classrooms particpate and have kids paint their pumpkins purple and take them home to tell family and friends, what it means

#PurplePumpkinProject festivals, bake sales etc. but all while they come and make their own #PurplePumpkins

So I ask you, what would you do in your town for a #PurplePumpkinProject? Or is it just painting one to set out for Halloween, to spread #EpilepsyAwareness?

I challenge all of you to make a #PurplePumpkin this year.

The Parmer Clan and many other families living with their own #MyGlitch say THANk YOU!

The Parmer Family #MyGlitch #PurplePumpkins

This year we are adding a Halloween tree to our Halloween yard display but of course, you guessed it....#Purple Lights :) Sorry no pic yet, just got it together and don't have the full display completed. Been a bit of a rough month, so a bit behind in getting our Halloween decor up.

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23 oct 2022

I love this backstory and your purple pumpkin is so cute!

Me gusta
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
23 oct 2022
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Me too. Love that this dad started all of this for his son & now it is done all over the U.S. To raise Epilepsy Awareness as a fun Halloween 🎃 activity for kids. 💜

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