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Living life with an occasional GLITCH!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Every person that is diagnosed with Epilepsy has their own "Glitch". I want people to understand just because some forms of Epilepsy can not be seen (it's known as an invisible disability), it does NOT make it any easier. It is extremely hard physically, emotionally and mentally. THERE IS NO CURE! There is only controlled or uncontrolled Epilepsy. This is why it is very hard on the the individual, but it's just as hard on the rest of the family/support system. It truly is a family affair.

I invite you to follow along on my journey as I cover many topics through various tools such as blog entries, potential podcasts, articles by educated doctors, sharing stories of others living with their Glitch, live Q&A, and more.

So you can help me spread Epilepsy awareness, I have created a shop full of items for my followers to use and wear to help start a conversation. As an example, while moving our oldest son into college, I was wearing one of my Glitch! sweatshirts and was stopped by two students asking, "What's Glitch?". They went on and followed my page This is how you can also help spread awareness.

As you follow along on my journey, I will tell you up front, some posts may not seem to make sense. And that's ok. As I'm writing a post, I may start to experience a seizure, but many of my seizures I am able to 'work through'. So, I want to be as real as I can and have you witness how my mind works while I go through these episodes. I will make sure my educational posts are clear and easy to follow.

If you are looking for more ways to follow me as I live life with an occasional Glitch, you can find me at:

Twitter: @RissEKUParmer

Please feel free to send me messages, suggestions of topics you'd like for me to cover, gear you'd like added to the shop, or any words of support, because that drives me to stay focused on getting my seizures under control. Thank you for taking time to help me start a conversation on what it means to live life with an occasional GLITCH!

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