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Porch light goes from purple to green, but Epilepsy Awareness never ends

Epilepsy Awareness Month comes to an end, but for our family, the battle is 12 months of the year.

Our family journey we thought was going to make me seizure free come December 2019, unfortunately it was just the beginning of ups and downs.

As seen in the picture above, I had just came out of my 2nd RNS brain surgery to replace the battery and adjust placement of the electrodes. The first surgery was 2017. I know I look really rough but all I see now are my caring hubby and my boys with smiles over me. (at this time I am glad, I didn't know Brent posted the pic, but now I am grateful now) You see the surgery went well and it was supposed to bring controlled seizures and less meds.

Glitches get worse in place of better, and tests continue since that surgery but as I have said through this month I/we will never give up, because we have to much to live for as a family. The pic below was a testing done over the summer; which I was again very hopeful but the week long out patient electrode testing showed otherwise.

Now we wait until I can have WADA testing completed and see if have have other surgery options or we live life to the fullest, as is I/we battle daily. Not only for us but will continue raising Epilepsy Awareness for all the many other families living with loved ones battling daily.

Thank you to all of you that have read my stories on my personal FB page and or please go LIKE MyGLITCH FB page and learn epilepsy facts there and or my

twitter @RissEKUParmer. Your choice of SM.

Also sign up for notifications for my blog here.

The blogs will also be more in depth updates.

I especially enjoy receiving private messages and will talk about anything you may want to know about.

I will continue to blog and who knows you might just see some

NEW GLITCH GEAR SPECIALS just in time for the

Christmas/Holiday spirit the whole month of December.

So the porch light now changes from PURPLE to GREEN......

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