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Nannie spoke to me last night

This may sound crazy to many of you, but today (October 14th) would have been my Nannie's 105th Birthday and she must of thought I needed to be lifted up last night. This morning I have been thinking back when she was playing with our little guys at the time in my folks garage pop a shot and throwing the ball back and forth...not sure how old she was in her 80's I believe. She always LOVED playing with her great grandchildren and lived life to the fullest! Well, last night when she spoke to me that was one of the things she reminded me of. I needed to keep being strong for my family but also live my life to the fullest daily, no matter what might be thrown our way. She said you can still be strong without feeling like I need to do everything for everyone, but enjoy all the crazy moments and if I need to rest, then rest and then get back up for my unbelievably loving supportive men/family. I guess you could say she was telling me not let #MyGlitch run my life.

It has been a crazy whirlwind here lately for our family with many changes! All of which I am VERY excited about when it comes to opportunities for our young men. I am one ONE VERY PROUD MAMA OF BRYCE AND BROC!

The unfortunate side a person with living with certain forms of Epilepsy, extreme/many changes can cause stress without the individual even realizing they are stressed or act "not themselves". This is very common for my one type of Glitch called left and right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I will explain those technical terms on another posy which will include a published researched paper by my Mayo stay tuned for that. (plus I promise to the those that have asked for doctor visit updates...those will come another post.

Ironically today is also National Dessert Day and boy did Nannie LOVE her desserts!! So today for Nannie, I am going to have some chocolate :)

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