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MyGlitch space created by Brent, He must of known my Glitch Brain and heart needed it!

My whole family in Hurricane Ian's path(besides Brent and Broc) and I am getting on a plane? Anxiety/MyGlitch overload!

I was off to OH to celebrate my PapPap's 96th Birthday and spend time with family I haven't seen in mom and sister were supposed to be with me but their airports closed. I was overly excited for this trip, up until Hurricane Ian decided to choose the path it did. For one it was going to go right over EmbryRiddle (Bryce's University & he had to shelter in his resident hall 3rd floor), over my mom and dad in St.Augustine (while dad is on call and working 24/7 at the nursing home and so they couldn't evacuate), my sister and in family in Fleming Island/Jacksonville sheltered at home and my brother's family had to evacuate Amelia Island an hour inland.

So of course I am constantly checking the ERAU Parent FB page for ermergency campus updates and texting/calling Bryce (driving him nuts I know, but a mom worries about her boys). Plus the rest of my family, along with some friends in the path.

I get off the plane and greeted by my wonderful aunt and uncle with big hugs, who knew I needed some extra care and reassurance. We took walks, visited my grandparents before the party(so I could have my own time with them), cheered on the Buckeyes while visiting another aunt and uncle/cousins and then the big party day! It was a amazing short visit. I am glad I went even though at first I was afraid to travel with all going on in my head and heart. (#MyGlitchTriggers)

Thankfully; all ended up safe. Bryce ended up with rain coming through their living room suite window, flooding the carpet. Hopefully; with time his carpet will be replaced. (but he was a lucky one and his resident hall didn't lose power like some others did). However; the dining services were supposed to deliver 3 meals a day to students sheltered in place, but since the strength of the storm did not weaken as they expected this did not happen. Palm trees were down, the ICI center flooded and many parking lots flooded over cars, plus dining services was one of the locations without power. Believe it or not they were right back at class on Monday, I am so proud how he handled himself.

Mom and dad ended up with some water in their living room as well, and some power off for a little while but nothing extreme and Ian ended up vearing off FL before it got up to my brother and sister's family. Thank you, all is good now, PRAYERS answered and I could begin to enjoy my family in OH:)

MyGlitch Space created by Brent to welcome me home!

When I say he knew exactly what I needed, I am not going over the top! He knew I was stressed during the trip and very concerned about family, and missing that he wasn't able to come with me.

With me also still adjusting to us being empty nesters, this created a space just for me. A space to write my blog, or talk with others that have now become connections through my blog and more, is JUST PERFECT!

Now, I am going to show you 2 videos that display this space. The reason is because those of us that live with a #MyGlitch, their brain waves do not always work like others. MOST people would have been able to quickly span the new space and see every detail, but those of us that live with various #MyGlitches would need to look more than once just to take in every detail created. ENJOY MY NEW #MyGlitch SPACE!

#MyGlitch creative space by Brent! How you might see it first look.

#MyGlitch creative space by Brent! Via my eyes and takes you a little topsy turvy, because my brain and many others that live with their

own #MyGlitch see things differently via their brain waves. Take a LOOK!



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12. Okt. 2022

I’m grateful you had a good time connecting with family. Your new blog space is AMAZING! I love it. You deserve it. Can’t wait to see what beauty and inspiration you will continue to create❤️

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Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
14. Okt. 2022
Antwort an

Thank you I did have a wonderful time seeing family, once I knew my family in FL was safe. Brent really out did himself and I am so blessed 💜

Gefällt mir
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