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In Honor of Veteran's Day: Epilepsy is common

Thank you to all #Veterans on this special day for all the sacrifice you give for our freedoms. If you or if you know of anyone that has #Epilepsy (or believes they have signs) and is a Veteran, please share the information below.

It is the least we can do.

The Epilepsy Foundation and Veterans services

Many Veterans experience traumatic brain injuries (#TBI) during their service. Due to this various #Seizure types can develop in their lifetime, and increased risk of becoming an individual with #Epilepsy. Many also experienced general mental trauma which can also lead to different forms of Epilepsy.

According the Epilepsy Foundation website it states:

"In 2008, the Epilepsy Foundation supported the VA Epilepsy Centers of Excellence Act that became law. The law established centers that help bring specialized epilepsy care to the overall Veterans Administration (VA) health network; conduct research that may lead to the prevention of epilepsy as an outcome of traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as research for better seizure control and treatments; and allows veterans living in rural communities or far from VA hospitals access to the care they need. TBI is one of the most common injuries of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Experts believe 30-50% of military personnel affected by TBI will develop epilepsy. The epilepsy VA centers will help prepare the VA for the expected influx of new cases."

Many also might have #PNES (Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Episodes) type seizures. These are not caused by too much electrical activity in the brain, usually caused by an event such as PTSD or another underlying stress and or another emotional cause. These still need to be treated as seizures with the proper care of a Nuerologist who prescribes the particular Epilepsy medication for this type. These PNES seizures many times coincide with #PTSD or another type of seizure which is caused by over electrical brain activity.

As one of my #Glitch shirts says: Every Seizure FREE Day is a


I must say today has actually been one of my better days in a couple weeks. Due to this Brent and I got to go enjoy the famous #BlueAngels show as they performed their come back home to Pensacola, FL at the NAS Base. It was also a special show because one of Brent's old athlete's is the Captain of the Blue Angels in plane #1: Brian Kesserling of Fargo, ND. Thank you Captain Kesserling for your leadership of this team and onto your next assignment with the Navy. It was a TRUE HONOR. (If you haven't seen a Blue Angels show, place it on your bucket list. It is amazing what these pilots do, and these aren't just shows, it is what they actually perform in occasions of war)

Please tell all of the Veterans you know, that Brent and I especially thank you for what you do for American freedoms. Due to all of what you do, we can continue to have advancement in healthcare research to hopefully someday have a #CureForEpilepsy, and hopefully also for those many Veterans who have it as well.

Captain Kesserling with Brent, his former collegiate coach

Spreading Epilepsy Awareness in my #Glitch gear in front of a Blue Angel Jet

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