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I hate to admit they're usually right.....

Disclaimer: This post was meant to be done earlier, but it has been a rough few days with the changing of the clocks. "normal" people have a hard enough time adjusting your body clock, try changing the timing of your meds on top of that. (seizures don't know time changes) So hopefully I make sense, but as I have always promised. I will not go back to fix grammatical errors etc. because that would defeat the purpose of showing sometimes my brain works differently. Plus now my mind is on my family being in Hurricane Nicole's path.

The two most important men in my life: My dad & my hubby

(plus my boys too of course, but they learn from these two)

These two always like to put on the hard shell to everyone, but there is one thing they definitely have in common. They have HUGE hearts and truly are big teddy bears.(Boys, I know you know this always tell me what they do for you both... but don't tell mom I did this LOL)

Also, there is one thing that will NEVER change: the love of their family. They would do absolutley anything to protect them and always be there even if it means they need to place themselves on the back burner and or rearrange a work get the picture.

To my dad I will always be his little girl "Blondie", and to my hubby I will always be his "Riss".

These two always like to be "right" in all they tell their families, and especially when it comes to them telling "ME" many times to take care of myself first, so I can enjoy my family and they will take of the rest. I can't count the number of times they BOTH have told me I am stubborn (I want to say to them, I take after my dad and well honey you are just as stubborn) and don't listen very well, and their "job" as a dad and as a husband is to make sure I can be at my best, to enjoy life to its fullest while I battle this #chronicillness.

The other thing they get upset with me about, is doubting in my capabilities, since my seizures have gotten worse and I feel I don't contribute as I used to, or I say I can't do that anymore(I am not that confident person as I used to be). Both will say it just takes you a bit longer, so don't worry so much about what "YOU" feel is the OLD BETTER YOU", because to us you are still that wonderful daughter, mom, friend to anyone, as many others would also tell you the same thing. If they don't feel that way anymore, then they were never truly there for the REAL YOU. You are still that kind, loving, dedicated, determind, put everyone else before yourself you.

I could go on and on of the things they do for me or our boys, but that would take forever, and well my mind would probably just start repeating it anyways .

I basically just wanted everyone to know how much a father figure means in families, its NOT just the mom. (Yes my mom does a lot too, thank you mom I love you, but differnt blog time:) I get that question A LOT! How can you have uncontrolled #Epilepsy and be a mom to your boys, housework, go to their events etc. I especially wanted to share this so others that have #Epilepsy, don't be stubborn like me on your bad days......because most of the time 2 bad days of #seizures then will lead to 5 bad days of #seizures. So if you are blessed like me, don't be stubborn. It only took me about 10 years to figure this out and well, I still have my moments.

Below is a pic of my dad and my hubby wearing their #PopOutInPurple everyday this month to support me and others.

It also creates a conversation, because most people will ask

why are you all of a sudden wearing #purple everyday:)

By the way where are those purple pics from everyone out there??

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Nov 09, 2022

Family and friend support is a huge part of dealing with life’s challenges. I’m grateful you have a great network of humans who love you.

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Nov 09, 2022
Replying to

You and Johnny are a big part of that and we could never say thank you enough! Much love and give my big bro a hug from me. (I know he will just love that lol)

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