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Cardiac Dr. Update & Mood changes with my men back out of the house :( Working out...slow progress

Cardiac Electrophysiology Appointment 1/18/22 Doc Summary

  • The doctor stated that no significant findings were found, beyond what we already knew. She stated there were occasional of Syncope spells(fainting). She felt due to my low BP or potentially my Epilepsy meds I am on and interacting with each other could be part of the reason and or dehydration due to caffeine levels and lack of water intake.

  • These syncope spells did correlate with a certain sinus rhythm tachycardia, along with my very strong chest pain and pressure prior to the passing out or during the episode. I am scheduled for a Stress Test on February 2nd to see what happens there and have a cardiologist look at those results Feb. 24th to provide more information for my Mayo neurologist.

  • The doctor said pending the stress test results, it would possibly show if I am having hidden cardiac complications beyond my syncope spells. Are my syncope spells, causing more seizures to happen? Hopefully will all be good with the stress test....cause it is my ticker afterall...dealing with a messed up brain is enough....ugh!

  • My Mayo Neurologist could then decide if the medications are worth what is happening to my body. He would then also see if there are possibly see if I have devloped more seizures in a different part of my brain. So stay tuned....

A video of how I was feeling a Sycope spell coming on but also going into one of #MyGlitches and trying to fight it off stubbornly not listening to my husband of course to just sit.....didn't succeed

Dealing with another NEW normal AGAIN......

  • Well, you all know I love and care for my family & they are my WORLD! So mentally my mind has not been the best. When a person with Epilepsy has to change their schedule (now remember I changed it for Christmas break, then meds mixed up & now it changed again), it throws them off balance again. Needless to say my nocturnal seizures have been acting up, my HR has not been stable which brings on certain type seizures and my OCD is WAYYYYY out of control when it comes to how things should be at the house.

  • Needless to say this has lead to some crying breakdown episodes where I truly have no idea where or why they are happening. I know that sounds odd, but the brain is a complex thing and throw in Epilepsy which fires off in different the wrong way.

Exercise Cleared to go, besides walks around the neighborhood YAY!

  • Most know that when you exercise of any kind it sets off endorphins in your brain which makes you feel better, and considering I have always been an avid exerciser the past month has made me miserable with not being able to.

  • Since the Doc gave me the green light & Brent got me a watch to monitor my HR/Blood O2/ECG and most importantly falls to send an SOS if needed... I was set and PUMPED to go!

  • Well, my body wasn't as ready as my all or nothing self was. Needless to say it has caused me to just be pissed at myself for not being in shape and feeling like I fail by not finishing a workout, or feel the blackout coming on(syncope), HR racing and I have to stop. Of course in my head= failure to myself & my family.

  • By the above not going as I planned: it causes for rough nights of my moods, stuttering of my words, dropping things, can't help with dinner as I feel as a mom I should be doing, HR is raised, another lazy ass night I feel,,,,basically a piece of shit. Excuse my language but that is how someone with Epilepsy truly feels in the inside even if they don't want to say that & say "I am fine or nothings wrong".

I thought this was fitting prayer for how I felt the past couple days

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21 thg 1, 2022

I’m so sorry it’s been so crappy. It has to be so frustrating to not work out when it’s such a good outlet and when you are used to being so active. Sending lots of love, praying all goes well with the cardiac testing, and that you gradually are able to exercise a little more each day.

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