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2nd type #MyGlitch & Meds mistaken OUCH!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Let me first say I warned people of how Daylight savings time and sleep patterns changing can affect someone with Epilepsy.....well it happened to me and I truly have no idea what happened on Monday with my medication mess up. I am remember taking my noon pills while blogging, going to eat and then going to letdown for my dr. required brain rest time from 1:30-3pm. Well, I got up at 3pm and at some point prior to going down I took my 3pm & 6pm medications which is A LOT! (Needless to say I actually was knocked out during my entire brain rest time) Let me say I have never had problems with this, as I have phone alarms, pills in different pill box compartments, but for some reason that day I did..... and paid for it later that whole night. So my brain was potentially having a seizure this WHOLE time.

I bring this up because I most likely was having my 2nd type of #Glitch called Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizures or known as Complex Partial Seizures.

These are actually one of the most common types of seizures in adults. It can also be known as a Temporal Lobe Seizure if that is the area of brain it starts.(they can also start in the frontal lobe & these type tend to be shorter) I have mine in both the left and right temporal lobes; which depending on which area, will be the type of result that is occurring in my behavior observed.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation these type os seizures people do not typically realize anything is happening, and can wipe out memories of events/conversations etc. just right before after it occurred. You can typically tell someone is starting to have one (the aura or actual seizure already started by)

lip smacking

picking at their air or aarticle of clothing (Repeat same movements)

wander around seeming to have no purpose (Unfortunately this did happen a couple weeks ago, as I was pulling weeds outside fully aware came inside for a drink, but then our cameras showed me going back outside, and not seeming to know what I was doing & I do not remember it at all)

repeat words/senetances they just said

less often but can happen: outburts of laughing(like a drunk), crying(they don't know why), screaming or taking off clothes

Brent is very well trained on picking up on these type on me. I typically twirl my hair repetitively, smack lips, might keep rubbing hands, crying or laughing for no reason (I

I get very upset when those happen) & I can wander off (the most scary part for my family, when I am home alone)

Typically after these type of #Glitches I am very exhausted and sleep, even though they don't last long in time.

Most people can be treated by medications, but others might need surgery (if they can pin point where they can remove that section of the brain), Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) or Responsive Nuerostimulation (RNS).

I am currently uncontrolled while having the RNS implant and taking 5 medications.....but #NeverGiveUpHope. My right side temporal Lobe is much more controlled vs my left, and having multiple types of #Glitches makes it more difficult.

*******I am going to try and post some a sample video from April, 2019 that we have captured of these type of seizures, so some of you may not want to watch, but I promise I am not physically hurt, like I said above I do not even remember doing what happened in these type*******

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