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WHY or HOW #MyGlitch blog site?

I am so blessed by all of you reading and supporting #TeamParmer along with spreading #EpilepsyAwareness at the same time. This time in place of me educating you, I WANT to know about YOU! This is a known week of telling people how thankful you are for them and I want all of YOU to know I am VERY Thankful to have you at my #MYGlitchTable. Keep spreading the #PurpleKindness!

Starting with WHY:

Why do you read #MYGlitch blog entries?

Do you read them to support my family and I?

Do you read them to follow #TeamParmer journey with #MyGlitch?

Do you read them to be more educated on various types of #Epilepsy?

Do you read them because you have a family member/friend or colleague with their own form of #Epilepsy?

You have Epilepsy?

Name your own reason?

Next is the HOW:

How did you find out about the #MyGlitch Blog?

Did you find out via my personal FB page Marissa DeVaul Parmer?

Did you find out via my FB Page Glitch?

Did you find out via my personal Twitter @RissEKUParmer?

Did you find out from someone wearing #Glitch gear and asked what is that?

Did you find out from another person already reading #MyGlitch?

Did you find out from a medical professional?

Did you find out via a Google search on Epilepsy?

Name your own reason?

I want to get to know my audience better, in order to make sure I am hitting various topics to fit my various wonderful #MyGlitch followers. I want to CATER to YOU, but also educate and advocate for the readers of #MyGlitch Blog best based on WHY you are reading. If I know HOW you found the blog site, it will allow me to better get my site noticed by others and spread #EpilepsyAwareness; which is my ultimate goal of this difficult invisible illness lived by so many families.

Please if you do not mind, post in the comment section of this blog site, comment on FB pages or Twitter or DM any of those sites, your answers to the above questions.

Be on the lookout; PNES Seizures & Cardiac Seizures Topics up next!

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22 nov 2021

Reading this blog helps me stay connected to you and I appreciate updates of all kinds. The educational aspect is illuminating but my favorite posts are your family-oriented and heart-centered posts. Seeing how your three men rally around you and the bond you all share is an inspiration. I am #TeamParmer all the way!

Also, as long as it feels true to you, whatever you post is perfect.💜

Me gusta
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