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Wellness Wednesdays Being Social Take 2

Keeping it REAL

As I stated from the start from the transition from the MyGlitch FB page to this MyGlitch Blog, I would never go back to correct grammar, spelling etc. I wanted it to be real as possible. Because sometimes my brain does not work the same as others due to my epilepsy. I may think I said something and in reality, I started in the middle of a conversation and/or I speak in circles.

If you couldn't tell on Wellness Wednesday's post, I had a potential seizure in the middle of typing. I started to have right hand tremors and felt off. So I went and took my pills at that time early and a bit of a break. Took my vitals and when I went back to wasn't the message I wanted my fellow Epilepsy Warriors to hear.

Having a Social Network is MUCH NEEDED!

When I went on medical disibilty, I was fortunate to have colleagues that cared about me, and knew I needed them. They would come to the house on their lunch breaks to walk around the nieghborhood, or to go out to lunch with me. We just enjoyed spending time together and not discussing my epilepsy becuase that does not define who I am. If they couldn't visit, they would send me a short 'pick-me-up" text.

Don't get me wrong, epilepsy is a part of me and our family and in many ways it has had positive impacts on me and us, but it doesn't define me or what I need.

My fellow sports moms/dads made sure I made it to both boys' events. If Brent was at work or would be late, I could still volunteer for things because they could help get me to where I needed to be. I wanted to contribute just as any other parent.

When we moved to FL from KY, these same people have kept in contact with me via social media, texts or phone calls just to chat. And even some friends we made from our days back in ND/MN.

I was fortunate to have made a nieghborhood friend (one of the first familes we met) who would ask to go on walks in the summer when we weren't busy with our kids activities. Mom talk, of course, the entire time LOL

Luckily enough I met some other moms from the boys' high school who would ask me to do things and who weren't worried or nervous about my seizures while we were out doing things. Whether it be check out a store, going to a movie, a lift to a sporting/school event/meeting, stop by just to say hello and sometimes do our nails. Even a hairstylist which has given me a ride home before. (The image from Purple Day, shows one of those gifts that hangs on MyGlitch area, a friend personally made me)

If you don't have seizures...

Don't always ask first thing: "Any seizures today? Are you sure you can do something today?" I would prefer if we talk about other things like you do with any other family or friend. But know, you can always ask questions about epilepsy to become educated.

To my fellow Epilepsy Warriors

Yes, there will be days where you can't do things and the people who are in your "network" will understand if you have to turn them down.

Yes, it is also good to chat with fellow warriors because they can relate to your bad days and explain what you are feeling. Truly no one else can understand what our minds and bodies are feeling. They might try but they just can't. But I would also encourage you to share all of your good days that you have. That's one thing I am trying to get better at myself.

So, reach out to me anytime because I like expanding my social network and I also could use more fellow warriors as well. I created this blog to create a network/community.

You can find me at:

IG rissparmer;

Twitter @RissEKUParmer;

If you haven't done so, read about my last Mayo Clinic appointment.

My doctor said something to me that stuck. He told me how much I have to offer

and not let my epilepsy be my whole life. So remember YOU DO TOO!

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01. Apr. 2023

Always here for ya my friend 😘

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03. Apr. 2023
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Love right back at ya! Your things you made me I value seeing daily🤗💜

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