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WEAR PURPLE FL PEEPS Nov. 6th! Nocturnal #Glitches

It's been a long emotional week for me, having less sleep due to #MyGlitch effecting my sleep & dr. retired "brain rest time" as well. Lack of "true sleep" can trigger MORE seizures during the day and or during your sleep. A person needs more DEEP or REM sleep to reduce Nocturnal Seizures. It is rare to happen during these phases, but can happen.

NOCTURNAL SEIZURES, are known to be triggered by electrical activity in your brain during certain stages of sleeping and waking. So, yes even while napping. Typically happens during phase 1 & phase 2 lighter moments of sleep(yes, you can even be thinking you are awake suddenly running to the bathroom...yes has happened, but truly you are in a mode of sleep or nocturnal seizure lol) and even occur upon waking up, where yes you think you are fully awake, but actually you are walking and coming out of a Nocturnal Seizure. You might even cry for no apparent reason in your "sleep"...yes guilty again, or you know when your body jerks or stiffens for brief moments.

Either way we all know how we can be with lack of sleep: moody, irritable, then a person with Epilepsy also is going through the Post-ictal phase of the seizure most of the day. So please say a prayer for my dear husband and sons.....who have put up with this & still LOVE me for ME

Certain types of seizures are more connected to the possibility of having Nocturnal Seizures....but that's for another day.

An old pic from KY of my 3 handsome men whom I am spolied by all dressed in #PURPLE & Dash to remind my FL peeps that tomorrow June 6th is WEAR PURPLE Day to raise #EpilepsyAwareness due to the walk being canceled this weekend. Don't forget to share you pics! Or wear #Purple anytime during November. The one pic is me coming out of my first surgery back in 2017 sporting by Prince Gear (who also had Epilepsy and passed of SUDEP.) Facts in one box & my wires on top of my head at a testing

This other fun group of images is me having my annual outpatient EEG, usually around May or June. 3 days of having all those wires & glue stuck to your head can do damage, as you can see to my wonderful forehead.(along with typically hair cut out) The one box shows the lady placing them all over my head with the most awful smelling glue & finish product of my mermaid blanket, #Glitch sweatshirt & a smile trying to make it look like I am excited. Cause of course with mom/dad taking care of me here in FL Mayo...I am spoiled, so I have to agree to photo ops.

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