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Thankful Thursday

Well I am blessed to have a partner who knows what needs to be done, on nights/days that are more rough vs. others. As he always tells me: "Tough times don't last, but tough people do! He says you are one of those people, and don't you ever forget that or let your mind tell you otherwise". This will make sense after I explain what happened starting at 2am.

Living life with an occasional #Glitch: Description of Thursday

One of my #EpilepsyAuras, that sometimes occur are severe chest pains, that then causes a #Seizure to occur. Well, many of these happened which lead to a very rough sleeping pattern. Leading to a much harder day, because many that have #Epilepsy need consistent sleep or their day will be difficult to handle.

One way I track what happens in the wee hours of the morning, is screenshot my phone. I had severe (my dr has me rate them 1-3 & all of these were at a 3 pain level) I had screenshots at 2am, 2:30am, 4:30am, took 6am pills at 5:30am, since I couldn't fall back asleep. Went back to bad and fell tp asleep to another chest pain at 7:15am. This time also my head was also tingling, my hands were also tremoring and no feeling in my arm.

When I could finally got feeling back, i took my bloodO2 on my watch . it was at 85% and HR 98, then I grabbed my phone to do a meditation session in bed to try and relax my body and mind before I got out of bed. By doing this I did get my HR down to 72 % my BloodO2 back to 95%.

I had to go Interrogate/Wand my #RNS to collect the data & transfer to Mayo. I went out then to grab my log, so my neurologist would have this logged for my next appointment and be able to compare the data from my #RNS to what I felt. After the logging I mad sure to eat and drink and try to relax in a chair for a while, still experiencing level 1 chest pains, limbs and head pain with tingling, nausea and chills.

SURPRISE guess who comes back home after a morning guessed it, my loving husband. He knew I would not be safe alone today.

He said you looked very rough this morning and weren't answering my texts, so I came home to work here the rest of the day to keep an eye on you. Well i didn't see his texts because i had my headphones on listening to YouTube motivational speeches to try and change my mindset...that I knew today was going to be bad.

Well, didn't take long chest pain level 3 10:58, unbalanced walking and he had to assist me to the couch, Blood O2 going back down 92% and HR wasn't too bad 72.

So he made me laydown and had me take a 11:05am Lorazapam med, which is an emergency medication for seizure clusters, to hopefully stopp them and make me sleep and recover and took my 12 pm pills early, so if I did fall asleep, I didn't have to get up. Chest pain occurred again so I did a 30 minute meditation on the couch to relax my body and finally got my HR down to 62 and BloodO2 back up 95%. So then I just went to my bed and slept until 2:30pm, chest pain for 3pm pills and ate some lunch.

Well, my hands still tremored most late afternoon, but as the evening progressed, I was much better. We even took a evening walk to make sure to have some activity for my mind and body, per the drs orders prior to bed time.

Just a reminder to #PurpleItOnOut!

So tomorrow post some pics on your SM and tag me(I will re-post on my pages)you can also just place a pic in the blog comments, it can even be something as small as a purple ribbon.

But let's spread #EpilepsyAwareness!

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Nov 07, 2022

I hope today is better! Love you💜

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Nov 07, 2022
Replying to

I appreciate the caring. Unfortunately; the turning back the clocks has not been treating my body well. Trying to adjust the pill time & the natural body clock is not easy for anyone. 💜 love you back ❤️

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