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Verification I/WE were chosen to have this #Glitch & family updates as promised via last blog


In my previous blog I spoke of are we "chosen" for something or do we "choose" something to be a certain way, and how we can handle it. (you will need to read that 1st to understand this post, if you haven;t)

It has been a very busy time with baseball games pre-season and the regular season began with a BANG on Thursday 2/17 WITH PRE-SEASON (Go Patriots!) Sometimes night games can be rough for me, due to nights are already more difficult with frequent of seizures, weather, less sleep. I had not slept well due to the weather that came through and weather that was incoming our way. Pressure changes in the air, storms, things like that throw my brain waves off. I was also just getting over being released from Shingles, so my body itself was just tired and still healing. On top of that I was having a very rough 1 hour prior to trying to get to the game, and I tend to beat myself up when seizures are occurring in and out of them,(which just heightens my anxiety and my PNES seizures also begin to kick in along with my Neurological ones). I tell Brent I better stay home, to not make the game bad for him, and he made me snap out of it and said "you will beat yourself up even more if you miss this game & we don't care if you have a #Glitch at the game. If you haven't figured it out by now honey, you worry too much about it for us and to us its just another day now". So needless to say he helped me get ready & we made it to the game.......Thankfully his loving/giving it to me straight stubbornness won out my outright stubbornness.

During the game I did begin to have one of my #Glitches and Brent noticed, began to talk to me calmly, ask general questions (The dr has him do this to make my brain begin to hear him as I am coming out of the #Glitch and be familiar with where I am at) By doing this it also makes me more calm after experiencing a #Glitch & not remember what happened or where I am at. I can not always respond right away or my words stutter at first but eventually during this post-lictal phase I come fully aware and feel reassurance by Brent.

Afterwards, the person sitting next to us said if you don't mind me asking do you have #Epilepsy by chance? He said I only ask because sir, you were so calm with your wife, and my father has had them for many years, so I recognized kind of what you were doing. He went on telling his story and how it has affected his family over the many years. How he tries to give his mom breaks now as he is an adult, as his dad also has began early Alzheimer stages (common with people who live with various types of Epilepsy for long years, and one of my large fears) for my family. We spoke of my various types of #Glitches, our wild journey we have been on, my 2 brain surgeries for the RNS. I also spoke of how we started a FB page MyGlitch to begin with, but husband felt it could help more people and my own mental health by starting this blog. He said please I would love that link, and I think my mom and our family to also read about #MyGlitch. I said tell your mom to send me a private message anytime because that is how I talk now with many people about my postings who have questions or just need to vent in anyway.



GREAT NEWS! My ticker is just fine. YES, I still have very low BP which causes my continued Syncope spells which the cardiologist feels could be playing a role in my increased or changed #Glitches happening. They did see an artifact during my scan post stress test but he said nothing of significence. He suggested adding more salt, and as Brent stated I already add enough to all my meals where he can't eat them. So wear compression socks possibly might help, otherwise he is leaving any further testing to my Mayo team. (since they are the best of the best) They also noted that when they had me stop my stress test & when I told the nurses I felt an aura, my HR raised very high and very quick & then went into the #Glitch. (it was much higher vs then even during the stress test)

**On a side note not only schools do they need a Seizure plan, so do medical items outside the neurological area. I think I scared these nurses to death, to no fault of their own, but definitely something that needs to be taught** (They even broke COVID protocol when prior to start of stress test I suggested Brent come back they said no....when I came to...he was there:)

Evaluation post Cardiac tests #GlitchGear of Course:)Post Stress Test & #Glitch


Bryce our inspiring Aerospace the way it's National Engineer's week if you didn't know by my FB page:) He unfortunately; contracted COVID when he was back at ERAU and was placed in isolation. Which had his anxiety up not understanding how when as he said he has done everything "right", then he was moved to a dorm room with a kid he didn't know who also was placed in COVID isolation. Yet, I was so PROUD of him for using his outside the box thinking to try and keep up with his Honors classes track.(they have daily quizzes and a weekly his stress was high) He contacted all professors because they do not have true COVID "protocols" to follow for these kids, since it's not 2020. He was able to reach some professors & get them to have a Zoom link, others he was able to reach students to send him notes, and did the best he could. A special thank you to his roommate for dropping off some of his dorm room snacks by the door, since ERAU only brought them 3 meals a day as he said small and cold.

Sadly, this happened the week of the upcoming Parent's weekend and also the week I had Shingles so he told us to come another time, so he could focus on school all weekend. This mom is beyond PROUD of his dedication to his studies, when I have no idea most of the time...ok all the time Engineering language.

He also went out of his comfort zone and tried out being a Soccer official, with no training provided by their intramural program. To anyone that is an introvert, you know this is NOT easy. Extra Fist bump for this!!

Broc our inspiring Pro baseball player and already signed to play in College at Gulf Coast in fall 2022. He continues to strive to be an amazing 4.6 HS student-athlete, while taking care of his mom when needed. His work ethic to reach his dream is beyond AMAZING & RELENTLESS impressive as well as inspirational as a mom! If he is not in class, at practice, then he is at the weight room, batting cages, and or more catching lessons to get better and compete daily! How someone that is only 17 can hit a small ball coming at you 90mph+, catch a ball coming at the same speed as a catcher and separate all that from whatever might be happening at home for us or at school. Any collegiate/pro baseball player knows, it is a true MENTAL game that you need to be just as strong in that aspect, as you do playing the game well multiple times a week. Anyone that can separate THAT, plus On Thursday's game he is walked and hit by the pitcher 3x, comes back on Friday's game to hit a stand up triple off the centerfield wall, then 2 RBI single...then our team was so far ahead all the starters were pulled.

Brent, OUR FAMILY ROCK.....enough Said!

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Feb 27, 2022

Thank you for all the updates! Great news on your heart health. And so proud of Broc and Bryce, literally and figuratively hitting life’s curveballs out of the park.

“If you haven't figured it out by now honey, you worry too much about it for us and to us its just another day now".

This is the best quote.

There is power and comfort in letting life and ourselves be as it is and as we are.


Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Mar 12, 2022
Replying to

Always appreciate your continued support of our family journey! I encourage everyone to go LIKE Diana DeVaul's Inward & Onward FB Page. Much Love!

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