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Treasure your blessings on Sunday

Blessed week with my husband

Two dates, in one week, say that again please? YES, my body was able to handle us to enjoy count them two dates in one week. This is VERY unusual! We are blessed for me to handle a few hours a day to do special things, let alone TWO in ONE week.

If you read my blog on Veteran's Day, you heard about the Blue Angels wonderful day in the suunshine along with an amazing airshow with a special moment of Brent getting to see one of his old athletes, be the LEAD Pilot. I was truly humbled to meet him.

On Saturday night we got to take in a hockey game by the #PensacolaIceFlyers. I LOVE watching hockey, the speed of the game and the intriguing way the way these athletes can move so fast is thrilling. The fun atmosphere, of how these fans get into the game as well. Standing up and doing the fun traditional dance after each goal. (I even got Brent to to do it with least he shook his hips when I bumped him back and forth when standing but yet he stood up, that's all I needed and his wonderful smile back at me)

Which they must play this song/dance at every various hockey game level, because I had flashbacks of Tampa Bay NHL games and my good old grad school days of Coaching the #UND Hockey Cheerleaders games.

This night had a theme of the running of the mini dogs, yes you heard this correct. So between periods people registered their treasured pet, one person holding their dog at one end and then the dog runs to the opposite end as fast as they can. It was actually suprising how fast some of these small little pooches took running like out of a horses gates, and well some just wanted to back the way they came. LOL Either way, the crowd was CRAZY about it and it gave me laughter, which can be great medicine for anthing!

I did begin to get some head and chest pains when the 3rd period started, but this was after the 3rd we went ahead and left but I LOVED every moment!

Sunday Comes a different story

In the wee early hours of the night I had level 3 head and chest pains which always then leads to making it hard to get the amount of sleep I need to avoid having a rough day of #seizures to come. I had a chest pain at roughly 7am and I checked my HR and it was 100, so I began my breathing exercises, and found one of my #PelotonMeditation exercises to do for 10 minutes lying in bed. (I didn't think sitting up would be good for me at that moment) I was able to get my HR down to 70, but that is still high for my meditation)

I got up did my morning routine, but my head was not in the right place. I had that voice speaking to me that here we go again going to be another bad/rough day. If you can remember from my #MayoClinic update I usually average 3-4 good days to 4-5 bad days marked on my #RNS. So I already had the wrong mindset (These are my #PNES seizures setting in, on top of the actual seizures occurring)

I was in and out of it today, body hurt, BloodO2 and HR get it the picture.

So tonight I started to write down in my seizure log, the good days, I was fortunate to have and began listening to motivational ideos to hopefully get me out of this funk.

So tonight the video below reminded me to treasure every moment I have, because you never know

when that next moment will be!

Hope you can take something from it as well,

it is very short & hey it's THE #Rock!

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Nov 14, 2022

I appreciate how you continue to share your honest, internal experience. This shows incredible self-awareness on your part. I’m grateful you had fun at the hockey game. We managed to watch Shawnee boys’ soccer take State on Sat. It was a good game!

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Nov 15, 2022
Replying to

Thank you. I try to be as honest as possible. I am still working on my own self awareness in negative talking without even realizing it, Brent brings it to my attention at times. He says I am so much better when I help others. Glad you got to take in that gMe too! Just something about sports that relates to life.

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