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MyGlitch IS a FAMILY affair & Happy Bday Dad!

#MyGlitch Is TRULY a Family invisible illness, dealt with as a FAMILY

Many people always say I am such a #EpilepsyWarrior to deal with my active #MyGlitches on a daily basis. What many people don't realize is that when someone gets diagnosed with an invisible illness such as #Epilepsy, it takes the entire family to help the person living with their own #MyGlitch. My own have evolved over the years since 2005, and have become different, also have more types, some worse and others better, along with going through 2 brain surgeries for my #RNS battery replacement, and many medication changes.

Yes it appears from the normal eye, that all is well when our family is out and about (as long as I don't have a #MyGlitch in a public situation), but it is very different than that. At home you would be amazed how my sons and husband can pick up on one of my various #MyGlitches without me even knowing and make sure I am safe, or catch me if I have a drop attack. So to the many that call me an #EpilepsyWarrior, also say a prayer and let my family know how impressed you are with them (because they deserve it!) Daily I thank God I was blessed with a husband who stands by my side through so much, and two young men that have grown into individuals that do not care what others think and step in to take of me even in public. Also, my young men have stood up for others due to how we have dealt with our family #Glitch. (That makes this mama the most proud)

Another example: Let's say Brent cannot go to one of my Mayo Visits whether it be due to one of the boys events when younger or work, that's when my folks step in. When in KY, everyone made sure I was safe flying and swapped at airports, and now in FL Brent drives me to Tallahassee to meet my folks and they take me back to Jacksonville to prep for my Mayo appointment or potential extended EEG outpatient stay at their home. Let's also say I need to have Brent at an appointment, my folks would come stay with our boys and make sure they were taken care of where needed. My sibilings have also stepped in various ways, friends and other family members. Just this last weekend visiting OH for my PapPap's bday my aunt & uncle's took care of me. So when I say it is a Family Affair, it truly is!

I could go on and on about this topic, and many conversations I have with others when they find out their child or spouse or other family member, I emphasize this dignosis being a "Family Affair". So PLEASE do not feel you are a bother, and all that continue to reach out to myself, for advice i love #advocating for those living with their own #MyGlitch and it also helps my mental health to know I can help others by being my DM, my phone etc. is ALWAYS open!.

Now dad's Bday TODAY Oct. 5th!

Well I couldn't pass up on this blog without giving a shout out to my dad for his Bday from his and always will be #LitttleBlondie. Behind his tough exterior, sometimes overly sarcastic humor, and well those of you that know him know I could go on about that. LOL

The thing I admire the most about my dad is how involved you are with your grandchildren's lives, from the moment they were babies you have been there.(Sporting events, school awards etc.while still working FT) Now even for Brent and I being there for our young men, when we need an extra hand or just because you want to make sure they know you WILL ALWAYS be there, no matter what is going on. As for example this year you made sure not miss Broc's senior year games and senior baseball banquent. Helped this summer for a travel ball week, Brent couldn't attend. Most recently when Brent and I couldn't be there Bryce's actual BDay weekend, you made sure you and mom went to take him out for a dinner. Also, since the hurricane was going over the top of ERAU took him shopping just in case he needed anything, offerred to come get him a few times (he chose to stay).

So dad you may try to place on a tough exterior but in reality you are a big teddy bear and would do anything for your family before yourself.(especailly any grandchild, you cave on anything for them:) Thank you dad, for being who you are, because my family appreciates YOU and I believe I married a man just like you.....Brent always places family first just like you. So I guess I learned something when I found my forever soulmate, and father.


Finally I ask for everyone to say prayers for those in devastated FL areas, and also the many people I have talked with from various states that recently been diagnosed with their own #Glitch along with friends and family members who are battling various cancers as well.

#MyGlitch #WeFightEpilepsyAsAFamily #EpilepsyAdvocate #EpilepsyAwareness #EpilesySucks #NoCure #EpilepsyBattle #FamilyIsEverything #InvisibleIllness #MayoClinic #IamBlessed #NocturnalEpilepsy #TonicClonicEpilepsy #TemporalLobeEpilepsy #EpilepsyGAD65 #AutoImmuneDisorder

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