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MyGlitch Fitness/Sports Safety

Happy Wellness Wednesday to all! I hope this finds all of you in all dimensions of your health, feeling well, or have those around you like I have to support your battle....whatever that might be. Over the weekend for my mental health, it was great for Brent and I to visit both our boys in their element to which each have chosen. Seeing their smiles, grabbing a hug and listening to them talk passionately about their goals.

WHY Fitness is Important & or Sports for those living with #MyGlitch

This is stated by the Epilepsy Foundation:Please still follow your doctor's orders

This is true for NOT all people that live with an occasional or life long #MyGlitch

  1. Improve seizure control

  2. Improve some side effects of Anti-seizure medications

  3. Improve mood disorders: such as anxiety, depression etc.

  4. Improve sleep patterns

  5. Improve Cognitive Skills

  6. Improve quality of social life, and not feeling isolated: if you participate in sports or some type of group fitness

  7. Improvement of many other health factors that it would for anyone: increased stamina & strength, weight & fat loss(if needed), better sleep, lower risk of basic other illness, better self confidence etc.

HOW to start a safe exercise and or sport regimen while living with a #MyGlitch

Obviously safety is your main concern first and foremost, and what works for some, may not work for others that live with #MyGlitch You need to speak with your neurologist first. Heat can be a trigger for certain types, exercise in general or high intensity sports can be a trigger, certain level of heart rates, and more. So before you start thinking of ANY of this, #1 talk with your doctor.

With my personal #MyGlitch I can be triggered by some of the above, along with if the weather outside has various pressure or storms in the area, had #MyGlitches through night and already feel fatigued. So as my neurologist told me, he highly encourages it for me to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally BUT I MUST listen to my own body that day. So on days like that of course, I should let my body rest and DO NOT perform any exercise. (my stubborness sometimes doesn't listen very well & I pay for it)

We also needed to create a safe environment for me to do my exercise. He would prefer I do any exercise with someone with me but if not we have cameras set up that my husband can check on me and my watch I wear can also dictate any fall. He can also speak through these cameras, to check on me if he sees something happen or can tell just by my movement, something is off. Make sure where I am exercising there are not any objects around, that I can fall and hit my head, make sure the floor is soft/carpet.

I am personally not allowed to do anything outside the home by myself, I can't ride a bike, (just walking or jog with someone) and he would prefer I not be at a gym unless with my husband or family member so they can keep a close eye on me. Only because #MyGlitch is not controlled, and most gyms do not have qualified people to recognize my type of #MyGlitches Also, NEVER be in a pool that is deeper than my height & again MUST be with someone.

I am proud to say I am on a 4 week streak of fitness of some kind.(this doesn't mean daily but at least 3-5 days of something even if only a walk) Now, it is only 30 minutes a day 20 minutes cardio & 10 minutes strength, along with sometimes a walk with my husband at night but it is a start. Of course this has been very humbling for me. As many of you know I was a personal trainer, various aerobics instructor for classes lasting 1 hour back to back, Wellness Center Director, Worksite Welness Specialist, Dance & Cheer Coach, life long sports enthusiast with my family growing up, and then with my husband/boys. Just ask my previous clients, athletes or family I never let up on anyone or was anyone going to beat me if I could help it. I AM VERY competitive with others but especially myself. So when I have to modify a class I am taking online, or have to ask my husband to shorten a walk, at times I feel defeated or I wasn't pushing myself the way I should because in my head I can always do better, and am I not doing this well enough to set example for my boys or others with #MyGlitch Yet, on the flip side I have noticed it helping me be more positive about myself when I speak to people about what I have been able to do(at least most of the time), show others with #MyGlitch it can be done (just work at your speed & listen to your body), helping me be home alone and adjusting to us being empty nesters and not just constantly cleaning house, sitting on couch, or in my negative thoughts of myself.

Epilepsy Foundation & Mayo Clinic:

Tips for Safety for Sports/Recreation & Exercise

Since I have many parents especially reach out to me via DM on FB about safety for their child participating in gym class, school or recreational sports and just doing general exercise at a gym, I wanted to just reassure you what the Epilepsy Foundation & Mayo Clinic have stated in various articles and websites. Now AGAIN ALWAYS speak to your child's neurologist or your own if you are the one with a #MyGlitch

But for teens especially it is important to participate for socialization happiness, finding the balance between a safe life and an active life, just think ahead while making a few adjustments to stay happy and feel part of a group. Otherwise it is very common for depression to set in.

  1. Medical ID bracelet on at all times/Some even have phones set with GPS systems with emergency contacts in phones people may reach for you

  2. Buddy system if at a gym, or walking, running etc where not with a team athletic trainer.

  3. If participating in School athletics always make sure the Coach & athletic trainer(if there's one or nurse) of #MyGlitch procedures happens during practice or game. As in have a #MyGlitch plan mapped out in writing for them to keep, make sure your child or yourself if in recreational sports listens to their/your body at all times.

  4. Stay HYDRATED, so you may need more water breaks or a sports drink more often then others

  5. Remember what can happen to an individual with a #MyGlitch can just as easily happen to someone who doesn't have one. So parents, even in contact sports this is true, yes it worries us but anyone can get concussions. (that's why proper gear is worn) BUT ALWAYS check with your neurologist first because of the over 60 types of #MyGlitches, some may not be able to participate in certain sports, but most of the time anyone cane with a proper plan in place and NOT ALONE

  6. If you or your child is living with a #MyGlitch remember if just starting an exercise or sports program better to start off in small increments & not full speed ahead. (yeah I know ....I need to listen to my own advice there)

  7. Water activities of any kind a life jacket should be worn & NEVER be alone

Exercises/sports to AVOID according to Epilepsy Foundation & Mayo Clinic If you live with UNCONTROLLED certain types of #MYGlitch Now they say some below can be performed based on your type of #MyGlitch & being prepared and NEVER ALONE! The ones listed below require an intense amount of concentration, and any type of loss of consciouness may lead to to injury and or death.

  1. Scuba diving

  2. Rock Climbing

  3. Skydiving

  4. Hang gliding

  5. Mountain Climbing

I am posting the video below to show that everyone has different abilities or mountains to climb, some are visible and some are not. As you can see my Instructor today did NOT let his physical ability, keep him from pushing! So #MyGlitchers out there, don't let your ability hold you back, just do what you can!!

As you can see by my numbers at bottom of the screen from my Apple Watch during the class he held no mercy.......YES I did have to modify at times......but I finished.

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Sep 22, 2022

Good job on the fitness streak!


Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Sep 22, 2022

Yea I know it’s Thursday but started this on Wednesday and makes more sense by the topic to keep is as so 💪🏻🤷‍♀️

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