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My last post has been a while, due to my roller coaster of various #Glitches. I am so very blessed, for an understanding family that reminds me my health needs to be my focus. Many of you moms/dads out there know its tough to feel helpless or dependable on others all the time, and especially having your children (even yes when young men) are taking care of you and or your spouse.

It was especially tough on on Father's Day, my plans ended up with me in bed. I am blessed my hubby tucked me in, said focus on you, and I will just enjoy a guys day at home and of course go get our workouts in and maybe some games of Fortnite too:)

I have overly been feeling this lately because our young men only have 2 months basically left before we are empty nesters. So I want to do so much for them both and had all these plans for when Brent was gone on a short work trip....well the bad #Glitch monster had other things planned, and once again they had to watch me and make sure I didn't hurt myself.

I just want to say my young men inspire be daily by their dedication to their weekly workouts (both are continusouly getting stronger and maxing out....nice job PT Dad), Bryce with his very difficult ERAU online classes this summer of course wants straight A's and pushes himself, and Broc with his high goals of baseball strength and never being satisfied with a satisfactory performance wheter it be at a tournament or just hitting/catching lessons.

So boys if you didn't already know mom is so very proud of you!

My husband deserves spuse of the year with all he has had to deal with lately. Between my overhaul on #Glitches, memory relapses, not being able to keep up with things, playing basically double parent duty and also holding down the fort at work.

ok I had more to asy tonight but a chest pain is coming on which means a #Glitch is coming. signing off until end of July due to baseball tourneys in south FL, but if I can will pot on my FB page MYGlitch(so go there and LIKE that page!)

Keep spreading #EpilepsyAwareness as we have lost more recently to #SUDEP

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Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
07 juil. 2022

Well after going back and reading this. I can tell my seizure must have began prior to the actual chest pain. Based off the sentencing, spelling and some unfinished thoughts. #GlitchProbs

10 juil. 2022
En réponse à

I always focus on your updates and your experience, never the grammar or spelling. I hope you are feeling better And are getting in some family time.

J.R. has started applying to colleges…how did it all go so fast? I’ll be curious to read about you handle the empty nest process. I will be watching and learning!

Love you💜

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