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July/August focused Family=September is now empty nesters

July & August was rough MyGlitch overview

Ok many things happened, so I am going to just pretty much give a general bullet points to bring you all up to speed. I took 2 months off blogging due to what was going on with my body and also wanting to focus just on my family. The upside after you read all the bullet points below(because there are a lot of not so good news), we got one night out as a family to play putt-putt, before both my "babies/young men" headed off to college. Year 2 for Bryce and Year 1 for Broc. It was one of the best feelings I had this summer, something so small...but meant the world to me for all 4 of us to be together and MyGlitch FREE for a few hours!!


  • MyGlitch focused on adjustment of new RNS adjustment, not going as planned (the hope we had, was draining me mentally and making it hard on the family that I was feeling down and out and felt guilty that I wasn't getting better as the dr thought I would and we hoped)

  • MANY severe T-Storms....major trigger for me so over active MyGlitches (put it this way our weather man says this is the most storms we have had in 2 months in a decade)

  • Lots of travel baseball which I wasn't about to miss the last summer of this of my baby before he took off to college to play baseball. Yet, tough on the body moving in and out of EST/CST, screwing up my medications and how it relates to when MyGlitches happens and also LOTS of my "normal" schedule rest times are missed

  • Times we had breaks and were home, I wanted to be spending time with my oldest because he also would be returning back to college. I hated it when MyGlitches acted up when home because then mom guilt set in, when things we had planned had to be cancelled and I wanted everything all perfect for them both (Plus he was working so hard on his summer online classes while we traveled, I wanted fun every time we were home)

  • Scary MyGlitch at last tourney in hotel room where I guess I stopped breathing about a minute.....thankfully my husband always knows what to do and is my rock to bring me too and out it. Thank God I am here still for my men because that night due to that I was afraid to even fall asleep due to chances of SUDEP


  • My baby turned 18 on the 3rd, we had big plans and well.....COVID hit me hard and placed me in bed and VERY active MYGlitches

  • COVID then hit Broc and my hubby (supposed to also celebrate his bday on the 8th).....thank goodness Bryce did not get it, as he had it unfortunately in February at ERAU (talk about feeling like a helpless mom, knowing you can't help your son being so sick and having to also keep up with his very tough class schedule)

  • Bryce has wisdom teeth all taken out and well one wasn't clotting, and the mom worried to death mode set in which of course leads to anxiety and more overactive MyGlitches (He was a big trooper through all of it, much better than I was doing)

  • All while this is going on we are trying to go through their clothes etc. to get them ready to move into college....

  • If you read with mine or my hubby's FB pages you know how those move-ins went

  • Began rearranging bedrooms and going through boxes of things to sell....not really sure I was or am ready for that, but I need to be and know my young men are ready for their next step of life.

  • I am not dealing well with having both my young men now gone, feeling helpless, anxiety sets in, more storms and well you know what that means.....MORE MyGlitches. So then guilt sets in that I should be enjoying this new journey with my husband.

  • Experincing severe head pain in the back of my head out of the blue; where my Blood02drops very low and HR goes up or sometimes HR drops very low

  • Had to cancel our Labor Day 19th Anniversary trip due to the weather of what we had planned travel to. It was supposed to help me ease in and spend time focusing on us being together(he had so many wonderful things already scheduled for the trip). YES he spoils me:). Yet I once again felt sad, missed my boys, wanted to text them or FaceTime daily to see if they were ok, but in all honesty I needed it for me.


So as you can see much has happened since my June blog of hope. If there is one thing we have learned as a family if I get worried about anything, feel guilt as I am a burden to anyone, scheduling changes, life/family changes, T-storms= ALL leads to MORE MyGlitches. So as my hubby and I embark on now being Empty Nesters, it is a new adventure and chapter that he knows he will have to help me through (as he is the most EPIC HUSBAND there ever is).

Part of our plan is to make sure I blog at least 1x a week, get me back into my workout regimen and trying new things with a MyGlitch as they come but not be worried about them happening or ruining any plans because as he says "it is our way of life, and we just push through it together, and now if he can just get my brain to stop feeling bad when MyGlitch happens or changes plans because my 3 men have thought nothing of it for a long time" STAY TUNED.......

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Sep 02, 2022

That is a ton going on! I’m glad you had a chance to blog about it all to help you process the challenges and changes. It’s good you have a new routine to get in place and that Brent can have some days at home with you. However you feel is the truth of you, never apologize for it or beat yourself up about it. Make space for it when you can, extend compassion to yourself when you can’t. Love You💜💜

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Sep 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for the support and thoughts. Brent is trying to help me to stop always apologizing etc. Just hard not to. Sure wish we could of had that weekend away, but Mother Nature had other plans for us. Just have to celebrate our 19th with a staycation relaxing & come the big 20th anniversary make it big!! Right now taking it one day at a time. 💜 much love back

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