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Have you missed me?

Disclosure: As a reminder I don't go back and correct any mental errors while writing because that is true to how my brain works with living with epilepsy.

First, if you are new to my blog you need to go back and read the last two posts to understand why it has been a while since I last posted. (Thank you honey for writing those for me)

Ok, now you can read on with everyone else. Not only have I been through many life changes, so has my whole family since December. Due to those factors it took us a bit longer to decide if my blog was best for me to write again or continue holding off as the Dr. told me at PRC. Mentally that in itself was a lot to take on.

I went to PRC to learn many things for living with fibromyalgia, my PNES seizures, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other various factors could potentially be causing my seizures to increase. Let me be clear you can't stop neurological epilepsy from stopping but there are some known "triggers" for some that could activate areas of the brain. I can however help myself to feel better mentally, and physically by placing myself first and in turn it helps my family as well.

The "old version" of me, I felt was doing the best for my family but actually I was not. While at PRC I met others from various walks of life. All there for different reasons but we could relate on a common ground. These friendships, I turn to daily now.

Moving forward "MyGlitch" format will be changing.

I LOVE being an advocate to raising awareness for the epilepsy community. I am not ashamed of having epilepsy and or any of my other diagnosed conitions. Niether should anyone else. Afterall; it is a part of who I am.

I feel strongly that this is something that provides me purpose and is greatly needed. This was one thing I felt giving up, did affect me in a bad way mentally and that's why I am back!

By creating this blog i have developed a community whish I want to continue. It will just have to be less frequent. Some weeks may have more entries and some I may have to take a break by listening to my brain and body. I also will be teaching you tools I learned at PRC that you may also find helpful for yourself and or family/friends. Please feel free to let me know topics you want to hear about.

If I am not blogging you may always reach out to me via my email and or on Twitter DM.

So make sure to sign up for notifications of when postings are there. I would appreciate you share with others on various SM outlets, or however you want to be an advocate.

As they called it in PRC, the "Version C Me" will be back soon! Thank you for being so supportive while I had to take a break.

I think of myself like a flower which is ever changing.

It will begin to bloom, might bloom more or less pending on the season or the circumstances. So like a flower I need to be ever changing and water my mind and body to continue to bloom through anything that is thrown my way.

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Jun 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Welcome back! Seems like you’ve learned some powerful lessons from this blog pause. I look forward to learning about them as you balance blogging with your mental/physical well-being.💜

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Jun 25
Replying to

Thank you Diana for being there during this break. I hope I can share some of my personal experiences, which will in turn help others no matter what they may be up against. 💜💚

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