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Friday is for treasuring family & friends!

Today was supposed to be about my potential Cardiac Seizures and explain what they are, but this has been a crazy week and I want to focus on the importance of family/friends and or have the importance of someone to talk to. So once again #MentalHealth is KEY!

(FYI: I never use individual names, as it is their privacy and my story)

First I call a couple in KY ...who served as basically home away from home parents for me and grandparents for my boys to wish him a happy 90th, only to find out his wife was in the hospital. They used to even come to some of the boys' games when they could in KY:) Unfortunately; she is still in the hospital as of today, but he appreciated my Happy Bday call and now has turned into a check-in call, to make sure he is ok.

Then, I call a friend to let them know of the above as this person was also very close and was happy to hear from me as they had no idea, due to their own family health complications going own. Now also, has turned into us checking on each other....and to see if either of us have updates of the couple above. (TY for the hilarious video today to give me a laugh:)

I am sure many of you have heard of what happened or what could have happened at Embry-Riddle yesterday, unless it wasn't for two VERY BRAVE students that went to authorities of what was talked about on Snapchat. There are many parents of Riddle overly grateful to them, that due to them.....their children are safe. A parents worst nightmare is to lose their child. I will keep you posted as they are trying to create a scholarship for these two brave students,. and keep these hashtags going #2HerosForERAU #HearsomethingSaySomething #MentalHealth #CallForHelpWatchForIt

Thank you to family and friends who reached out to me once this hit the national news and of course all over various SM outlets to check on our son and also how I was handling it. He said once he got back from his math class,(I guess his phone from the RAVE system was going off like crazy during class but he didn't know until after class what was going on, because by then, the student was taken into custody) so he went to his room just waiting for my phone call. Of course his smiling and laughing face on FaceTime, definelty made this mama feel much better. Many of you know stress can be a trigger factor for #Epilepsy, so the texts and calls helped me calm myself down. (well at least as much as possible). I am sure my heart halter monitor was going off, and the brain was definitely not shutting off for my required Brain rest time. So instead I enjoyed talking to many of you.....THANK YOU!

In closing though, I want us to remember that so many people have gone through so much over these past couple of years. Many that plan these type of acts or commit suicide do not know how to get help, but send subtle messages that they need help. This student was supposedly failing classes and also had some other needs going on. As the public, all we see is a gunmen, that was going to hurt many, but we also need to remember he needs help to. Instead lets focus on him getting the help he needs along with his family and focus on the #2HerosForERAU REMEMBER: #HearSomethingSaySomething

So to my 3 men, I know I might get on you nerves every so often when I require that bedtime hug with an I Love You, or as you go out the door the hug or the I Love You fist bump. Just remember tomorrow is never promised. Whether it be a situation like the 3 above or due to my potential SUDEP at anytime.

So I challenge everyone TODAY, to reach out to anyone via text, call to just chat and say hello, you never know they might just need it that day.(Ironically I received 2 texts that day prior to what happened at EmbryRiddle, someone knew, I needed that)


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Dec 11, 2021

The shock and fear of this will take time to process through. I appreciate you looking for a deeper meaning and putting words to what many of us are feeling as parents. Sending big hugs to all of you.

Love you all!

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Dec 31, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, sending hugs back to your crew!

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