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Epilepsy Warriors remember YOU are LOVED!

Dance world and many others have been

ROCKED by the suicide of Twitch

I must admit my mind has been in a million different directions since suicide death of such a loved entertainer, and family man. In the dance world (which if you know me well...that is my heart & soul). During the Pandemic, it was many of the "Twitch Boss Family" dance videos they performed with their kids and just as husband and wife too. I would watch these daily to lift my spirits when having a rough day myself. Since his timely death, I continue to watch them; and love that people are spreading his joy and not focusing on his suicide.

Epilepsy Fighters and suicide

You are probably asking yourself, why am I bringing this subject up, when to MANY it is TABOO to talk about. The one positive thing that has come out of this sadly happening to Twitch's family, is that is raising suicide awareness on just how frequent suicide happens, and it can happen to ANYONE!

When this did happen, I reached out to some of my previous athletes, colleagues, friends, those living with epilepsy, who I knew have dealt with depression and or anxiety(or still are). This also, allowed me to remind myself how much LIFE is meant to be LIVED and there are people you can LEAN on, but as friends and society we need to be more knowledgeable on potential signs(if any).

Those living with Epilepsy are 5x higher than the general population, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Many factors play into this:

1) The various medications themselves cause suicidal/depression themselves

2) Already have various mood issues such as anxiety, due to the brain itself firing off

3) The type of Epilepsy, based on the area of brain that is firing off

4) The feeling of being a burden to their loved ones

5) Many do not have proper insurance coverage to get the proper help needed (hopefully this will changed based on the "STARS speaking out")

6) The feeling of isolation, many cannot work, drive and live alone (I am blessed that I have a strong family support system becuase it is hard to stop working and not being able to be independent)

So I say to everyone out there, my DM is ALWAYS OPEN! NEVER be ASHAMED of needing HELP!

Especially my fellow Epilepsy Warriors, we

NEED to lean on each other in positive ways!

Now to say my boys know me well they certainly do!

The picture below from our small Christmas with our boys, they know mom ALWAYS has to rep my boys (wherever I go)

The Purple Heart saying "MOM" was the icing on the cake.

It will be hung up in MYGlitch space which Brent created for me.

Believe it or not they have even let me watch my Christmas Sunday movies;

which they laugh at, but I don't care...I just LOVE Christmas!

Then of course Brent teases me on wanting to keep the family WORDLE game going, and my competitiveness of having to win daily. Well those darn college finals, had the boys drop off and it became a battle between he and I:)

He found this & I will wear it with Pride!

Because of course I AM the....

We head out bright and early tomorrow for our Parmer side Christmas in AZ. So I will most likely only be able to post on my FB page MyGlitch (so make sure you check there!) I am sure I will make my boys take pictures, since I do not have any yet since they have been home:( We will return on the 26th, and I head to Mayo Clinic on the 30th)

A special THANK YOU to ALL!

I had over 100 people read my last blog, and I hope you continue to learn more about our Family's journey but also Epilepsy in general.

Keep spreading this blog link as well as the FB page MyGlitch and you can find me on Twitter @RissEKUParmer.

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22 de dez. de 2022

Thank you for keeping the conversation going in regards to mental health & suicide risk factors for those living with a chronic condition like epilepsy. You continue to be a beacon of hope for so many.💜 Safe travels & Merry Christmas!

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
31 de dez. de 2022
Respondendo a

You’re welcome. Mental health is not talked about nearly enough and considered taboo 🤦‍♀️ thank you for the kind words and we did have a nice Christmas and now looking for 2023. A toast 🥂 to you and qll your boys ❤️💜💙💙💙

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