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Don't miss out! Pop Out In Purple ONLY 3 days left!

Epilepsy Awareness Month 3 days left!!

Yes it is named during November to show you wearing purple or spreading facts on various social media platforms, but for many families, this is a year round battle. So, don't be afraid to reach out anytime to ask questions and become more educated on Epilepsy and my personal Glitches. There is NOT one person who lives with Epilepsy that is the same.

No reason you can't check out our store and keep the conversation going year round! The Epilepsy Community and especially my family personally say THANK YOU for all the blessings we have by the support we receive from not only family, but friends, colleauges and fellow Epilepsy Warriors. I will always have various items available, and feel free to message me if there are certain items you are looking for. A special THANK YOU to all that already support us by buying GLITCH GEAR or just wearing anything you have purple!

I encourage to wear ANYTHING PURPLE (you don't have to buy anything) and post on here, or myself at IG mmparmer, Twitter @RissEKUParmer, MyGlitch FB page or my personal FB page Marissa DeVaul Parmer.


This was created by my son's travel baseball family organization/coaches to personally show their support to our family and the many others fighting Epilepsy. So whether you play baseball and want to show your support by using one with personal engraving or want to purchase one for someone battling Epilepsy and let them swing away. Reminding them to keep on living and never give up! log onto

Quick sidebar from Sunday's Thanksgiving blog post

Well, I know I got a bit lengthy and I believe I must have been experiancing some technical brain glitches, because the events were a bit out of order, oh well it happens with this memory. Nothing but you can do is chuckle about it now.

I hope you got the picture that my boys being home were great medicine for me! (and for Brent, he may not say it out loud) I tried to not be to repititive in my thoughts and questions while they are here, because as I have said before this is one thing I am working on, sometimes my brain gets onto something it becomes fixated. Thankfully I am blessed with a very patient family. I think the only thing, I might have said too much on was wanting to always fix breakfast. I know sounds silly but wanted to at least do small things when they were home when they work so hard at college, plus it is the overly mom thing of me and add on the fixation=trouble. Thank you also, to those who pushed through the grammar errors etc. to read the entire blog. I have said also, I will never go back to correct things the next day because it shows sometimes my mind may think I am speaking or typing something but it comes out backwards per say.

I am also having a bit of an emotional Monday with boys back at college and Brent at work, but they are also my inspiration to keep spreading Epielpsy Awareness for others and to be not has hard on myself, because I have been for many years. (still working on that, but it's a start)

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