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Daylight Savings/Change of sleep pattern & Epilepsy

As a reminder daylight savings time begins at 2am on Sunday, March 13. Clocks will be turned forward an hour. This of course is great to gain that extra hour of daylight, (especially us sports mama's who are very cold at night games LOL) however losing an hour of sleep for many people and especially those that live with a #Glitch can be effected greatly.

According to Mayo Clinic our body's "internal clock or circadian rhythm, no longer matches the external clock, which makes us feel sluggish and foggy-headed". Those of us already leaving with a #Glitch deal with that complication on a daily basis and so when this is added on top of it, it only throws our body off more. Intern our medication timing will be off, times when we should be sleeping, are times when we need to be awake.....causing the possibly depending on the type of #Glitch(s) you might have to increase. Many doctors compare this to the same effect that we feel due to changing time zones or experiencing "jet lag".

Glitch Tips over the years I have learned from my Mayo Nuerologist:

  • If possible try to keep your bedtime and wake up time within 30 minutes to an hour leading up to daylight savings and or a planned trip where you change time zones (2 days if you can prior)

  • You may take your medications within an hour of their scheduled time(this can be done even on a normal day, if already having a rough day of multiple #Glitches to avoid an emergency pill to be taken) that you normally would, and take them on the scheduled time 1 hour prior if possible

  • If you miss a dose of medication(s), take them as soon as you realize BUT do NOT double up on the dosage

Personal #MyGlitch Updates: I know it's been just over a week since the last entry but between ballgames(traveling and different time zones), needing my sleep during the I can make the late games at night(still had some rough ones during a game), our weather pattern has been crazy which is also a trigger for me. So I have focused on resting for my family, and didn't get to the entries I wanted. #FamilyFirst #ListenToYourBody

Exciting news is BOTH my young men will be home for spring break this week, so I can't wait to have some extra time with them.(they might not be as excited LOL) Unfortunately; I have a Mayo trip and will be leaving today for that on Tuesday. Stay tuned on that.

I also ask for some prayers for a friend whom just found out her child has Epilepsy, it can very tough as parents especially when you feel you can't help your child.

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