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Bring on 2022 with positivity by spreading more #EpilepsyAwareness = YOU get NEW Gear Discounts!

Grief & those that live with Epilepsy:

There is no doubt that 2021 brought on more loss of loved ones or knowing some one that did via COVID, natural disasters, long term chronic illness etc. My heart and prayers go out to all my friends, colleagues and family who are grieving. Sending hugs to my recent friend who lost her husband to COVID, and to our entire Parmer family as well.

Our Parmer family had Aunt Cindy pass away on December 15th from a chronic illness, she battled for a long time. Cindy became an individual that would call or text me weekly. I think she knew I could relate if she was having a day full of pain, but did not want to admit it to her boyfriend, son or brothers, to not to worry them or make them concerned and in fear that Hospice was around the corner. In the end of every conversation though we always ended up either joking or crying, but always knew without saying it we were there for each other.

It had been two weeks and I had sent her a text and never heard back, but then I received the call that she was in hospice care now, and their only hope was that she was holding on for her son to get there from Utah.

I am not sure why I didn't pick up on it, as our last call was very different. She spoke of old Parmer gatherings and how she missed them with Grandma Carol, Grandpa Joe and Paula. (but she always took comfort in knowing all 3 of them were watching over all of us)

She reminded me of Grandpa Joe's laugh, the kids and grandkids/great-kids running around but we were all in the FM area and not all over the place. She said those were the easy times, and she loved every minute of it and it seems now life moved so fast and life had so many bad vs good. Cindy didn't care though about the bad, she said I am going to fight until the very end and see my son, his wife and my grandkids when I can. She said now you listen to me, you keep being that fighter, and the wonderful advocate you are for others. Don't let others tell you when it is your time, because you will know when it is. She said I better go hugs to your family and tell them I love them. That was our last call.

I share this story to remind all of you that live with #Epilepsy that if your seizures are more active (especially with the many losses that have happened & continue to happen), it is just your way of dealing with your grief, taking on someone else's grief or traumatic experience. That is OK, you may feel not normal or out of sort, but can't figure out why or how to explain it. During this time your brain will potentially fire off differently, causing more seizures. These are known as "Dissociative Seizures" in technical terms. (YES, those thinking to themselves right now and wanting to ask.....YES I do believe I have had some of these over the past 2 years) Find something YOU LOVE to do or something you did with that person and your body will begin, to be better. For those reading this that do not have a #MyGlitch, but need to help someone and didn't understand why maybe they have changed a bit more lately. Help them do what I just spoke of above.

So in honor of Cindy, and so MANY other lives that I have known personally that have passed away. I am going to hold onto my family tightly, tell them I love them daily, keep spreading #MyGlitch awareness, work hard daily to remember those passed in positive ways and not just ask why are they gone? Do things daily that lift my own spirits, once my health test results are in (back on the exercise health train), and try to take the negative things talked about daily out of my life. Now I know I can't do this all myself and I will try not to be stubborn(other #MyGlitch individuals try to do the same), and know it won't happen overnight.(I know that will be my hardest)

#TeamParmer will continue to live with an occasional #Glitch. My men will continue to be my rocks. Through #MyGlitch blog & #MyGlitch FB page will also keep advocating those living with #Epilepsy, educating those that don't understand all the many forms of #Epilepsy.

From #TeamParmer we wish you a a wonderful Happy New Year! May 2022 bring all of us the BEST year yet! Sending much love and hugs to everyone! (because you all know I am a hugger:)

To kick it off right we created some NEW GEAR in the #MyGlitch Shop. (Now remember the gear is to create a conversation. If someone asks you what is "Glitch", explain it is #EpilepsyAwareness and lead them to my blog or FB page)

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