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Blessed by my 3 rocks!

My Boys came home!

Brent and I were fortuante to have both our sons' home as I know some family's with college kids weren't as lucky, and to this mama it meant the world.

As I said in my previous post I wanted everything to be all set for them, so they could just relax and enjoy being at home. Brent and I had surprised them with their new designed bedrooms which I can happily say they loved! We teased them and said they are now the "themed guest rooms". One was NASA for our future Aerospace Engineer and the other Baseball for our future baseball catcher dreamer of MLB goals.

The other remember the house had to be fully Christmas ready, since we are normally not home long for them to see that and it also brightens my mood:)

Updated house all lighted up: Just in time for them to arrive.

The boys couldn't believe dad had ordered the lights without me knowing and actually wanting to decorate the full house.

I said see your dad is getting soft too:)

Full agenda while they were home:

Hence why I apologize no blogging while they were here or any pics because we were just enjoying them being home & of course I LOVED getting that nightly hug once again. It's the little things you take for granted, until things change.

Tuesday night they arrived home and we just talked and enjoyed hearing about all the things they have been doing and hearing the excitment in their voices, brought a glow in my heart.

Wednesday night we had all set to take in a Pensacola Ice Flyers, so I knew if I was going to make it out late, it was going to have to be a rest time at some point but also keep up with meditation and exercise. (To be the best I could while they were here) I was so proud of them as well, by doing what they needed to reach their continued goals. Broc got in his hitting and catching and Bryce had studying to do for a Quiz due over break. (YES, a professor assigned much for a brain/school break, but he has lofty goals and no break from whatever can't explain it was he was studying for. LOL Way above this brain) In the end the night was a lot of fun, even if we lost in the last minute. Seeing the two of them catching up with each other, and talking about the game was melting my heart. No matter how different their goals are, they have always been very close and support one another.

I managed to make it through the game until closer to the end and a few minor chest pains came on, and needed assistance to the vehicle, but all that mattered to me was my heart was full, even if as they put I wasn't making much sense by that time

Thursday Thanksgiving Day: First off we all had to go workout as a family, after all a healthy body helps a healthy mind. No to mention be able to eat a bit more, at least for Brent and I. The boys need to eat like grown men. Once we got home we showered up, set out snacks for them to nibble on, and I began to prep the meal, while my 3 rocks did football or chatted with friends and played games via the computer. I was having a bit of a rough time and unfortunately; during the meal I did have one of My Glitches and needed help from the table to the couch, and eventually basically just passed out into a posot-ichtal phase of a seizure to recover.(so thank you honey for cleaning everything up) Of course to them it was nothing, but to me in the back of my mind it took away what was planned that night. So we chilled at home and just relaxed and enjoyed being with the boys and deserts of course.

Friday Movie Day: Another day of a family workout, I was feeling a bit off but tried to push through it, but Brent recognized it and suggested I take a rest or I would be upset later, if I couldn't make the show with my boys. A family night going to see Black Panther Wakanda forever. I had a few seizures during the movie, but just held onto Brent's arm to bring me peace during them. To be honest I can't even remember most of the movie which I hate right now, but that reminds me, I was probably having mini ones throughout.

Saturday: Let's just say family workout was great, the games which we will not speak of (But still proud fan of both universities), lead to the boys heading out shopping and surprise us with fresh haircuts:) They know I get into my football games LOL I was glad though that they got to go spend time just as brothers with out mom and dad, since even though they won't admit, miss being apart.

The day I did not want to come

As a mom with seizures, and still adjusting to this empty nester thing, it was a day I did not want to lwe go when it was time for each to leave. I didn't sleep well, thinking about it a lot the night before. We took Bryce to the airport in the morning, to head back to ERAU and Broc left right after lunch back to Gulf Coast. They did each ablige me with a goodbye picture, and a big hug...cause they know mom needs them. Now I countdown to Christmas break:)

My mind was off in many emotions and after they left I thought to mself, I needed a rest for me so I could be back to hopefully a goodnight with my hubby. I was able to sleep about an hour until a seizure chest pain woke me up. I then went out and saw Brent sitting on our patio, and we talked a bit enjoying the sun and then I asked you mind we go for a walk. As Adrain would say (one of my fav Peloton instructors would say go ahead and take that emotional lap, cause I know you need it, as he is killing us) Well, this around the block wmotional lap was needed with my husband to chat and clear my mind of already missing my boys but also being so proud of them.

Then I came back for more of my mental state to workout and then just enjoy the company of back to being empty nesters once again with my loving hubby.

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Nov 28, 2022

Sounds just about perfect! Glad you were able to manage your glitches and gets lots of quality time with your boys. So much to be thankful for💜

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Nov 28, 2022
Replying to

💜Thank you. I am so blessed to have a family that understands when wife/mom needs to lay down or take it a bit slower. I appreciate you continuing to be a part of the MyGlitch family too ❤️

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