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Are YOU chosen for your battles(Glitch) or did YOU choose that battle? Saint Valentine's Day.....

I know it has been a while for since my last Glitch post, but mentally after reading my last post I knew I needed to take a break for my mental health (it was too negative). When I first was placed on medical retirement, I went online and joined every group possible in hopes to gain strength taking to others with same or similar types of a Glitch. Well every single group I joined did the opposite, it made me become very negative and upset about my "condition", and the outlook for those around me. So I removed myself from all of them, started the FB Glitch page first and then this year began the blog page to reach those even more outside my "SM" circle. The very reason I had began this blog is to educate others, advocate for all those living with various forms of Epilepsy, create a Glitch community, and for my own personal health.

That very same day that decision was made things unexpectedly happened which kind of placed my whole body out of whack (will get to those items another blog day..hence long delay in blog posts).

On Sundays my men know I have my time, when we are not away for the weekend. I watch online church service from back where the boys were baptized and we attended faithfully. Plus it reminds me of some crazy funny stories...yes from church of our now young men. I believe it also provides hope.

One sermon particularly stuck with me. It talked about were you "CHOSEN" to go through your Glitches/battles or do you make your own Glitches/battles by choice.

After that sermon it truly stuck with me that YES our family has been through MANY Glitches over the years, but I do believe now it is for a reason we were chosen, and this blog is just a small part of that. Now deciding the "proper" way to load a dishwasher is a BATTLE I choose, and I am trying harder not to be so my men say.

Now today many of you are celebrating with your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Yes, the Hallmark holiday if some of you saw my basic FB post yesterday, my husband believes, as he proposed to me on February 13th, so we would have "our special day". You should treat your loved ones daily with special things or let them know they're loved, not just shower them on 1 special Hallmark Holiday. It wasn't until years later.........we began a journey........

Did you also know that in the medieval times St. Valentine: was also the Patron Saint of Epilepsy? Medicine and religion have long been intertwined; however medical practitioners did not always agree, yet in the medieval times many of those with this "brain disorder" now known as Epilepsy in many forms saw it a case from the Devil or evil spirits, sited by history books. Due to these dark evil forces many turned to Patron Saints to combat against these evil tormentors. Some believe the reason epilepsy became connected to the Patron Saint of Valentine, is because the name Valentine is similar to the German word for "fallen". Back then many also believed that Epilepsy known as the "falling sickness", because many Glitches caused a person to fall and lose consciousness. Other legends it is sited that in the 3rd century Bishop named Valentine von Terni freed the son of a Roman orator from an Epileptic Seizure.

So today according to the Epilepsy Foundation they also celebrate the increasing medical research and raising awareness on various types of Glitches via the Patron Saint of Epilepsy: St. Valentine. So today while you might have been

showering those you love with flowers and candy, I challenge you to also tell just 1 person about the medieval history behind "St. Valentine.

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Feb 15, 2022

I’m proud of you as you continue this journey and with the growth and self-awareness to find some positivity in the midst of your struggles. Love you❤️

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Feb 26, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for the continued support. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and enjoyed the relaxation for a great cause!

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