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#4 Glitch YES you read that right....I said some can have many types of #Epilepsy

First off thank you to all who have taken the time to continue to educate yourself and others, so that those living with their own #Glitch, have support like #TeamParmer Please remember you can comment on the posts or send me private messages with ANY questions or topics you wanted added. Maybe you yourself live with #Epilepsy & want to chat, I would LOVE that as well.

It was our last fall baseball weekend at Gulf Coast State College (Broc's future home come fall '22 #GoCommodores) A special thank you to my folks for once again making the drive from Fleming Island, Fl to support Broc in his passion.

Let's just say a HUGE thank you to one of you fellow baseball mama's,(we will forever share & I think never forget that moment:)) for helping actually, during one of these type of #Glitches occurring during the 2nd day/2nd game. I could never repay you enough, once I found out, afterwards, all that happened. A "normal" person would be VERY embarrassed but once you live with this for so long, that tends to go by the wayside, now this baseball mama, I deeply apologize you are now scorned,LOL.

Two days straight of no required dr. brain rest time, plus late night and an early rise......not a good mix.

Glitch #4 is known as Atonic Seizures or Drop Attacks/Seizures. This type is usually stemming off one of my other glitches starting or possibly starting from my heart due to my syncope(very low BP).

According to the Epilepsy Foundation Atonic means loss of muscle tone. In an atonic seizure, a person suddenly loses muscle tone to the head or or body part may go limp. When I was seated in my chair, watching the game, both Brent and my folks noticed I wasn't all there...warning sign (Aura) or I was already in some type of #Glitch. I most likely had began in (Absence Seizure, explain later but can be mistaken for daydreaming).

Atonic Seizures can begin in one are or the brain(focal onset) or both sides (Generalized onset) This was discussed earlier how this happens.

Atonic Seizures Signs/Examples:

Person sitting in chair and head might go limp suddenly to one side/drop forward, eyelides might droop & person may drop things if holding something while seated

An arm might go limp & you drop a cup or just can't feel it or use it.

If a person drops from standing, this is when it is typically known as Drop Attack Seizures. A person will typically look like a rag doll. (This is where my doctors are not sure if my syncope spelles/heart is not part of the problem)

Most are not fully aware of what is happening, as it is now effecting both sides of the brain(Gerneralized Atonic Seziures.


For myself I am on the medication Lamotrigine(there are various meds based on age/type of other seizures you have or meds you are already on) & I have the RNS which are a couple options for this type but unfortunately it is still not stablized. On the positive side, these #Glitch type happen less frequently vs my other #Glitches or we can see them going on, so they make me sit.

So Broc I apologize I think I was in & out of it between seizures the entire last 2 innings of the 2nd game, (I am told it was better I was, just teasing) and then my head fell to side with eyelids drooped just as described above. However; I needed to get to the restroom. Thankfully my husband was able to boost me up with this baseball mama because my legs were partially limp still.

The Video below shows one Type #2 Glitch (Complex Partial or Impaired, wandering and messing with hair, is the aura/warning) going into an Atonic Seizure/Drop Attack Seizure.

I was having a bad day, so Broc was already hanging out watching me, doing things. As you watch, he breaks my complete fall with his body(thank you son), then checks to see if I am responsive and if not, check breathing, grabs a blanket places it under my head for protection. Then what you do not see is he covers me with a blanket and lets me sleep, while making sure I stay safe during my recovery time. As I have said before sometimes the recovery phase is the hardest, because the seizure wipes your body out & you are not fully "with it" most of the rest of the day and sometimes days. Blessed by my hubby & 2 young men always watching over me.

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17 nov. 2021

I don't love that you always are going through so much, but I do love your dedication to to sharing your story.

I would like for you to share (but only if you want to) a little bit more about how you bring compassion to yourself through the constant physical and emotional challenges you encounter on a daily basis.

What do you do to take care of the you inside this experience?

I support you 100%. Whatever you do or don't share here is perfect. There is healing and hope in the process. Keep doing what you are doing!

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
17 nov. 2021

I love your continued feedback & reading of Glitch. Thank you! I may not get to this response this week due to some other topics planned, but will add it to my list of topics to share 💜⚡️

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