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2022 Brings NEW Glitch Health Updates & MORE!



Grandma had a great 95th BDay December 28th & she looks great! I am so glad my mom and sister's family got to go celebrate with the rest of the Baker clan, grandma is still sharp as can be! So blessed she is alive and thriving! Love you!

Then 2022 began with a BANG


It has been 6 days now without my strongest med that I take at 9pmCST & needless to say it has been ROUGH! So I may not make complete sense or jumble words....fair warning

OK, Family updates & my health as many have reached out which truly means a lot. Thank you!

  • January 4th I am told my Heart Halter monitor results are in, and that along with my Echocardiogram I need to be seen for further tests by an Electrophysiologist Cardiologist. On the 6th they call and let me know due to back-up of COVID patients, I will not be able to be seen until February 9th. (I appreciate all the concerning calls for updates, but that's all I have). All I know is the pain is still there & right now without a seizure med and something cardiac related going on my body is saying please just STOP! I try though each day to push through, to either get chores done, and some form of exercise and keep my mental mindset more upbeat. After all that was what I promised my 3 men I would do in 2022, was take care of me for them.

  • January 5th I get a call from my mom letting me know my PapPap was taken from the nursing home in OH, to the emergency room because he was unresponsive. A bit of a shock from everyone after just having the Bday celebration and he looked pretty good as well. Turns out he had another small stroke, but was being treated in the hallway because no rooms due to COVID (that should give you an idea how truly bad some of this is, this is in Columbus OH.) After passing certain key tests, and he is COVID free, he was finally able to get his case manager to get him back to the nursing home on Saturday the 8th and have PT there. However; since Middleton is on lockdown my grandparents even though COVID free and vaccinated/boostered have to be isolated in their room, since he was out of the nursing home so many days. Blessed I have grandparents still feisty as can be, but that was a definite scare and another added stressor. (I have not seen them in many years)

  • January 7th & 8th was also the last weekend Bryce was home from college break and it wasn't as "mom wanted it to be", so of course guilt settled in. A promise i couldn't keep very well kicking off in 2022, but hey I am a mom with a kid going back to cut me some slack right. (not in this house, they were holding me to my promise of stop blaming myself for things in 2022) I wasn't doing very well, he wasn't feeling well either (poor thing had 2 dentist appointments and his booster all within 3 day span) Hey the Bison pulled out National title #9 on the it lifted the spirits of #TeamParmer :)

  • January 9th Bryce packed his things up, and I gave him of course a giant BIG MOM HUG wether men like it or not and off Brent drove him to meet Bryce's roommate to drive the rest of the way back to ERAU for semester #2 which I am sure will bring Deans List once again and more exciting adventures!(Now if I can try not to bother him daily.....might be hard to ask of me to start off the first 2 weeks)

Now TODAY already January 10th, and I feel like 2022 already has slapped me along with my family in the face.

Please say a little extra prayer for my mom tomorrow as she goes in for hand surgery which is long over due. My sister's household needs some prayers too as it's been hit with COVID as well (but they are doing ok so far).

Oh yeah that thing with OCD and Epilepsy.......can you tell from all above it's truly a constant battle and most of the time, my husband said I don't even realize how much I repeat or focus on certain things to an obsession. Well, be forewarned.......if I call and with lack of meds....the Temporal lobe refractory Epilepsy OCD is on OVERDRIVE right now UGH!

Please take time to wish my

sister-in-law Brittany Happy Birthday on the 11th &

my amazing mom Happy Birthday on the 12th!!!

So needless to say I have watched this video a few times my husband took without me knowing at Thanksgiving. To remind me that live life in the moment & listen to the waves of the beach....not the constant OCD brain waves

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Jan 11, 2022

It's been quite a year already. Glad at least the Bison got it done for you all. Love the video of the waves, hoping the peace of the ocean finds its way to you.

Jan 11, 2022
Replying to

Yes 🤘🏼Horns up lifted the spirits 😊 I just just keep envisioning the waves 🌊

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