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Friends & Family Friday=Happy Mother's Day to all the moms' who have epilepsy in their lives

How Did Mother's Day Come About?

Many of us celebrate our mom's, mother-in-laws, step-moms, grandmas, daughters, and more on this now dedicated Holiday. But did you know why or how it came about by three women activists? I won't go into all the details as I am going to focus on epilepsy, but I encourage you to read this:

Happy Mother's Day to all the epilepsy moms below! Read below to see how their lives are impacted daily with epilepsy. Not one is alike, and everyone has one thing in common they are great moms.

Being A Mom Who Has A Child, Parent Or Spouse Diagnosed With Epilepsy

I have met many moms' who I admire greatly! Their daily battle of second guessing themselves if they are doing the right choice for their child living with epilepsy. When I say child, it can be at various ages or stages in their lives.

Some moms deal with the shock when they have a newborn while being a new mom at the same time. Other moms have very healthy babies but then come to childhood, highschool, college or into their own adulthood she discovers her child who she loves deeply has epilepsy. No matter what age the what we call "mom guilt" sets in, because we feel the need to protect our children from everything until we pass.

Many with various types, some controlled and some still searching for that magic cure. Some moms have only one child and some with more, with epilepsy and question why is this happening and how do I help this child deal with so much and he/she has siblings perfectly healthy. As a family I know many moms want to make sure they treat their children equally, and not seem as though the one diagnosed with epilepsy is treated separately.

The moms that have a parent which develops epilepsy later in life is also just as difficult because many times the parent will have dementia along with it. Most likely they never had epilepsy and all of a sudden it is in their lives when they already have a hard time taking care of themselves, pending age of onset. It could be too where they are concerned of their kids being left alone with their grandparents, and we all know how much your kids or grandkids love being with their grandparents. So once again mom is questioning what she should do.

The moms who have a spouse develop epilepsy once in the marriage and maybe do or don't have kids yet. If they do not have kids yet, but want them they might question if they should due to safety or maybe it makes it not possible to have kids and if they adopt they might be turned down. It requires extra patience being a spouse of your loved one when everyday brings something new and unexpected but try to live life as normal as possible. Hopefully the spouse becomes controlled but not always the situation.

As a reminder most types of epilepsy are not hereditary, but you can have different types of epilepsy in one family due to various reasons even when the parents do not have it. Some are due to something occuring in the brain, an outside factor by an accident or disease, and in most cases there is no known cause which is why epilepsy is so hard to treat and learn how to live with it, especially if uncontrolled.

All of the above situations are just as hard, and all types of epilepsy create a different type of situation for the mom. Please support eachother, and try to stick through your given situation, don't give up!

Being A Mom Living With Diagnosed Epilepsy

I fall into this category which I have had the pleasure of meeting other moms like me which in turn helps me via my blog. Other moms encourage me to not give up on each other as we each fight our own battle. Doesn't matter if we are controlled or uncontrolled like myself.

When I was diagnosed later in life and we had two young boys at the time, fear at first set in. Was I going to be able to take care of them, was my husband going to stay with me. Many other moms have had the same fears as me when first diagnosed and it is all brand new and very scary. As my boys are now much older and as I unfortunately became worse and as I toook care of them watching every moment, they have to do for me now. I am so touched by their caring emotion all while they battled in HS and now doing so well in college. Please go back and read about them from last Friday's post. I am also blessed with a loving and supportive husband who has stuck by me through the ups and downs, never even wavering a second thought about our marriage and how I took care of my family in fact he feels epilepsy in a way has brought us closer in ways we never would have. Some other moms I know and talk to in various support groups are not as lucky as I am, so is it wrong I speak of being blessed?

I do feel guilty at times. I know I shouldn't but it is my nature. I do hope my family brings them hope that one day, they too will have what I have. One reason my husband encouraged me with this blog, sharing our story while also being an epilepsy advocate for others.

Please reach out to me anytime, no matter what your situation is with epilepsy, let's all lift each other up! A special love to MY MOM!

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May 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Have a blessed Mother’s Day as you continue to advocate for your community. You are a strong and amazing mama!💜

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
May 14, 2023
Replying to

💐💜Thank you for the support for me and the many others impacted by epilepsy. Wishing you a great Mother’s Day as well. ❤️

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