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Did You Know Mondays=One Of My Other Medical Conditions Effect My Seizures

One Of My Other Conditions Is Fibromyalgia

According to the Mayo Clinic Fibromyalgia "is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues". This is already difficult to diagnosis in your "typical patient", but someone living with epilepsy already has many of the same pain or difficulties as listed above.

The Mayo Clinic also states the primary symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

Widespread pain. The pain associated with fibromyalgia often is described as a constant dull ache that has lasted for at least three months. To be considered widespread, the pain must occur on both sides of your body and above and below your waist.

Fatigue. People with fibromyalgia often awaken tired, even though they report sleeping for long periods of time. Sleep is often disrupted by pain, and many patients with fibromyalgia have other sleep disorders, such as restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea.

Cognitive difficulties. A symptom commonly referred to as "fibro fog" impairs the ability to focus, pay attention and concentrate on mental tasks.

Fibromylagia is often assumed by many people as a made up feeling in their body and or mind. Ironically this is also a stigma with epilepsy and when you have both, it can be very difficult as a person living with it. You hear others tell you, you are just worn out or doing too much, sore from workouts, oh you just forgot because you had so much on your mind, and I could say so much more. I can vouge for many others living with Fibro that this condition is very much real, and there is no cure just like epilepsy sadly.

Take note in the image below it sites other conditions that many people

have along with epilepsy, Fibro Fog is listed.

Why Am I Telling You About Fibromyalgia When This Is To Advocate About Epilepsy?

For one I just want people in general to know this is a true condition and can be very painful, even if you don't have epilepsy.

You see when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy I was experiencing many various symptoms that couldn't be explained, many of the ones listed above. When these occured at times they said they were triggers factors for my seizures because in many cases lack of sleep or sleep problems trigger seizures for an example as well as my brain fog happening after seizures. I was fortunate by neurologist at the Mayo Clinic had me tested for Fibro. This was helped by also me keeping my journal for my seizure activity. By this they officialy diagnosed me by having both, and both at times correlated with each other causing more pain, being tired and brain fog happening more often. So it is a never ending cycle, if I have a heightened seizure day it activates my fibro pain as well as my brain fog in both along with my brain activity having issues. On the flipside when my Fibro is acting up due to weather and or pain and lack of sleep it triggers a active seizures.

So many ask if I am in pain. Well most of the time it is just a degree pain level, but it is no different vs other people living with a non controlled or cureable condition. You live life to the fullest and control the things you can. I drink lots of water, meditate almost daily, exercise saefly when I can physically do so. I try to make that a priority as mentally it makes me feel better as well. If I can't do a typical workout for me, then I at least stretch and or go for a slow walk with someone.

I could continue on and on about my fibromyalgia and seizures intertwining, but instead reach out to learn more. Next Monday I will be talking about another one of my conditions I have that potentially triggers my seizures or it happens afterwards.

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09 de mai. de 2023
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I’m grateful you were properly diagnosed and that you have developed healthy ways of coping. Sending you lots of love as you continue to share your journey with us💜

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer
10 de mai. de 2023
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Appreciate the constant love and feedback on my blog posts. You truly have to be an advocate in your health in anyway you are feeling. One day at a time. ❤️💜

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