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Being Patient Is Doing Something

It's easy to feel like you're not doing enough when you're waiting for something to happen. This was the case for Marissa, who a little over a month ago just completed the Mayo Clinic's Pain Rehabilitation Clinic program. With the holidays and our kids at home, implementing the program's teachings proved to be a difficult undertaking. Despite wanting to do everything for her family and with her family, Marissa knew she needed to focus on her own well-being. After weeks of practice, she became better at listening to her body and avoiding pushing herself too hard.

Achieving progress wasn't easy, as Marissa has a personality of "more is more." However, after a month of self-care, she was making significant improvements. Unfortunately, that progress took a step back when she was unexpectedly asked to be patient again. Following an unrelated doctor visit, Marissa was advised to undergo a surgery to remove some precancerous cells from her body, which has led to a slower-than-expected/wanted recovery. Marissa is learning that being patient is in itself a necessary act of doing something. At some point in everyone's life, we take a step back, reflect and realize we aren't the same person we were 5, 10, or 25 years ago. We aren't able to do what we once could at the pace we once could do it. Accepting that as reality is hard, but once we can, we are able to refocus on our new goals and expectations. She helped me with this when I went through my three joint replacements and needed to accept my new reality that I wasn't 20-something anymore! I'm now just trying to return the favor to her.

Thank you for keep Marissa in your thoughts. Her strength comes from the powerful support system she has with all of you. I will give another update in February.


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