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Am I Day Dreaming?

Well it is Thankful Thursday! I am so thankful for my family and all that support me through this up and down journey. After a very rough weekend, the week seems to be longer and my mind takes longer to recover, along with my mood can swinging a lot! (sorry my 3 wonderful men) Now to help myself, I think I have decorated every corner of the house for Christmas already...LOL I know some people would be laughing if they walked in, but it lifts me up. (YES, Christmas tunes are going too) Plus, just seeing old pics of the boys' on Santa's lap (If only they would do that now), or an ornament that sparks a memory which I might have forgotten or make my mind think harder...where did this come from.

Now onto the next type of #Glitch I have and is often very common, and sometimes never diagnosed. It is extremely hard to diagnose in children, unless they start having trouble in school.

These seizures are known as Absence Seizures or the old term Petit Mal Seizures, and come in 2 types "Typical" and "Atypical".

Both types of these seizures fall in the generalized onset seizure category; which means it comes from both sides of the brain at the same time.

The reason I said "am I daydreaming", is because someone observing may mistake this as someone simply daydreaming, looking off into space thinking about something, or a child sitting at school and not paying attention.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation as I said there are 2 types:

Typical Absence Seizures

this one is more common, starts in younger children as well

an indidvidual may stop all activity and suddenly stare off in soace or just have a blank look on their face

The inviduals eyes may turn upwards & eyelide flutter

this one is VERY brief only about 10 seconds, hence why most are never diagnosed, or it may not be diagnosed for months or years and only if a person close to them notices different behavior due to these

Atypical Absence Seizures: This is #MyGlitch

These typically last longer, have a slower onset and offset and involve different symptoms

YES, still starts with a stare off in space look, but then a change happens in muscle tone or movement with the body. (My husband can pick up on these usually at my sons' activities the most because I show no reaction possibly to what they just did and as a typical mom, I am cheering or I a just talking to him and stop mid-sentance and stare)

There can be blinking over and over, fluttering of eyelids (you saw in previous video of this, but it went straight into another type of my #Glitches)

Chewing, smacking or rubbing of the lips

Rubbing fingers together or making other hand motions

All of the above can happen during the #DaydreamerAtypicalGlitch

Thankfully in these type of #Glitchs Seizure First Aid is not needed.(unless it went into another type of seizure) The downside is an individual could have hundreds of these a day, and not even be aware of it or anyones else be aware. Causing an individual to lose time, but on the upside again these are usually easily controlled by medications if this is their only type of #Glitch.

Now there is much more detail I can go into, but I am NOT a neurologist and I encourage anyone that feels you may know someone that shows any of the above symptoms to talk with them, asks questions (did they answer correctly on what just happened), behavior can change in a child especially.

Now this time I can't show a video but what I can bring you is pics of my most supporting men who lift me up daily & bring all of you some Christmas Cheer!

Thankful we had Bryce home from Riddle during fall break enjoying his favorite thing S'mores around the fire pit all as DaFam. I am truly blessed by 2 young men who have cared for their mom for as long as I have cared for them as "kids". They see me as just mom & not mom with a #Glitch. Now I might get a little annoying or mushy on them at times, but sorry boys' that's one thing mom can't change & hugs will ALWAYS be required. Just wait until you get even older :)

Love you both to the moon & back!

I don't know how we did it but we managed a night out and actually captured pictures of it. (Oh yeah we sent Broc up to KY for a weekend in September LOL) When I say I am beyond blessed with whom I married, there are no truer words spoken. Brent has stuck by me through so many ups and downs with #MyGlitch, all while be so thoughtful, loving, lots of patience and serving as my rock when I breakdown. I love you honey & thank you. (YES, I know I am not supposed to tell u thank you, as you said it is our vows and love that make us strong), but as you said you can't change all about me.Besides, I think all that are reading would agree a simple Thank you is beyond deserved here and there

Wishing everyone a a wonderful Thanksgiving and an Early Merry Christmas. Yes we all have God and Angels looking after us from above, but I am truly blessed by my 3 angels daily looking after me as mom/wife he on earth.

#TeamParmer is VERY STRONG and show others what truly it means to be a #Family no matter the battle you fight together.

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“They see me as just mom & not mom with a #Glitch.”


This has been my favorite post to date, so much love is woven into your words.

Well done!

Marissa DeVaul Parmer
Marissa DeVaul Parmer

Thank you 💜

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